Sunday, August 4, 2013

Patiently waiting

Ok. Well maybe not so patiently.  Tedds "supposed" to be home in the beggining of September.  We still haven't gotten a date. Not even a tentative one. A lot of my friends are crazy excited.  Theyre counting down, decorating, and preparing their houses. Me? I can't let myself get excited yet. I know myself.  If I do, and they don't come home on time...Ill be disappointed.
Tedd and I have been discussing it though. Its a funny thing when your spouse has been away for over 8 months. Think back on your own life. I think its safe to say a lot has changed in that amount of time. Besides a few pictures, we have only been able to get skype to work twice. We've literally seen each others faces twice in 8 months. Dont take that stuff for granted friends.
Its a little scary.  We are both very different people than we were when he left. Things in our house have changed.  Since December 4th our house was re-roofed, we got new siding put on, we have 2 different (free) couches, I've rearranged every room in the house and got rid of even more junk.
Calvin has a whole new set of needs,  I have some brand spankin new wrinkles. I've got some new friends Tedd has never met. We have ALL new neighbors; when I mention them Tedd doesn't know who they are.  Weve each got our own routines.
Tedds different too. Hes already told me hes sure he'll be a little "jumpy" when he hears loud noises etc.
 Weve essentially lived 2 separate lives.
I'm really not worried about putting our lives back together.  I just want him home. But it should be interesting and probably slightly comical when he comes home and we try to get to know each other again.  Ill post updates when the time gets closer or when we are in the home stretch. One day at a time.

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