Monday, June 24, 2013

Another 2 months have passed. My laptop finally bit the dust so blogging is even more rare than before. I have and use my tablet for everything.  Its 100% touch screen though so blogging is a little more time consuming.

The other reason I don't post much is because it seems all I ever do is complain and write about all the mopey stuff going on. This time is no exception lol.

I really thought that the further into this deployment we got, the easier it would get.
Wrong. It seems to get harder by the day, in many ways.

Its hard to hear Tedd down in the dumps because of everything that's happening over there. Its hard to have times you don't hear from them because there's a "blackout" when something happens or someone has been hurt.  Its hard being alone. Every single day.
Some days I feel very invisible.  I have some great friends here, but it doesn't make not having your husband home at night any easier.

I've had some medical issues as well. Again not having your hubby here is hard for things like that. But I switched to a Dr that seems really good, am on some new medications that finally aren't making me sick and dizzy all day and have got some other opportunities as well to help. I'm just very thankful for medical insurance!

Work is going fine. No real news to report there.
Until next time, I ask that you pray for Tedds safety and that we find out a homecoming date soon. Hes still got a while left but I just need a date to focus on!