Sunday, April 28, 2013

The last month

Well I suppose its time to update the blog again. 
We have passed the half way point in Tedd's Deployment.  It makes me happy that it seems we are finally making progress.  For the past few months I have been doing really well with everything.  Tedd has been doing as well as can be expected.  He wants to come home just as bad as I want him here, but is making me proud every day.

In mid March my cousin Audra came for 5 days to visit.  It was WONDERFUL!  We had such a great time.  She lived 1 mile from me growing up and we were more like close sisters. We talked and laughed, hiked, she met and spent time with my friends, and went on a few fun little adventures.  I am so thankful to her for taking vacation, and flying out to see me!

A few weeks later my sister and her family drove from Indiana to see me.  It was great as well!  I took them around to various little sites around here and we spent time catching up and talking.  Not only did I get to see my older niece and nephew but I also got to meet her youngest baby, my new nephew Owen.  He was adorable and seemed to like me :)  It was so nice to sit and play games with her kids and listen to them tell me stories.

A few days after THAT, my friend and I left for Florida.  Our plan was to stay in my Grandma and Grandpa's trailer.  They stay there in the winter.  It was supposed to be a fun, carefree week of laying on the beach without a care in the world.  It was an 18 hr drive.  By the time we even arrived we were about to turn around.  I can't possibly explain all of the little things that made this trip horrible lol. But it WAS.  It was tiny things.  But every. single. thing. we did seemed to be cursed.   After not even 48 hours in Florida we decided we both felt like we shouldn't be there.  Things weren't turning around and getting any better.  We were SUPER thankful to my grandparents to giving us the opportunity, but it just wasn't meant to be.

By the time we were half way home, Calvin (in his true Calvin fashion) decided to get violently sick.  He wasn't eating most of the trip.  However at this point we couldn't get him to eat anything (peanut butter, cheese etc), he was laying FLAT out, and the time he did stand to try to use the bathroom he "pooped" only blood and mucous.  Sorry if that was too much information. :)

We sped the rest of the way home, and I took Calvin to his vet.  The next day he started drinking again, then finally eating...and right at the end of his antibiotics the diarrhea started looking more like normal bowel movements.

Calvin has been sick more than he has been healthy since Tedd left.  When we adopted him last February, we knew he would have leg issues.  But my goodness! Since Tedd left he has had an ear infection, a respiratory infection, a back injury (most likely slipped or bulging disc I guess), has started vomiting bile in the middle of the night (he now takes Pepcid every evening), the sickness after our Florida trip and TODAY....
He went up his little steps onto the bed.  Then started going down the stairs and decided to JUMP from the top step.  He tumbled and rolled and landed hard on his side.  *sigh* He is limping way worse than his normal little limp.  I called his Dr. (AGAIN)  and will most likely be taking him in tomorrow morning.  I'm not sure if his vet hates me...or LOVES me.  I'm going to make myself feel better and think that they love me because I no doubt fund at least one of their employees wages. 

I also got rehired at the hotel on post.  I start Tuesday (orientation). I'll be doing the same job as I was before.  I am actually very excited.  Its not my "dream" job.  However it is very close (less than a mile from my house on base), I've done the job and know that once I get back into the swing of things I can do the job well.  Its also part time.  Which probably sounds lazy.  But while Tedd is gone that is perfect for me.  I'm praying it goes well. 

Lastly, I have gotten a lot of texts, emails and phone calls.  I am sorry if I haven't replied.  Communication is one of my worst character flaws.  I'm just not good at it.  The only person I talk to on the phone often is Tedd.  I don't enjoy talking on the phone really to anyone but him.  I know thats bad.  At least I'm honest.  Your best bet is to email me.  I'll get it and read it.  There are no promises on responding.

Until my next post, I once again ask for your prayers for this deployment to hurry and pass, for Tedd to come home safely, for me to survive, and for Calvin to be able to get better from his current ailment and to STOP having "issues"!  God Bless you All!