Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So Odd...

This week has been filled with so many random moments where I look from left, and then to the right and say, "Is this real?".  As a side note, my  Brittney is who got me started saying that.  Its one of the best sayings ever as it can be used in virtually any situation. ;) In fact I only wish I had a medal or certificate of randomness to personally award this week.

Have I lost you yet?

I was wondering the other day why back in Indiana children call adults by their first name.  And here I am not longer "Jessica" to small children.  Instead I am "Miss Jessica".  Every single time someone introduces me to a child they say, "this is Miss Jessica".  Wierd, right? Is that a southern-ish thing?  Is my grammer (or lack thereof) about to make you vomit?  Its after midnight, cut me some slack.

My spirits have been up and down this week.  I have been pretty upbeat the whole week.  We are getting a lot of new information about Tedd being gone.  Its stressful.  There are so many things you don't ever really want to have to discuss with your spouse that we have to discuss.  You really can't know what you are going to feel like until you are faced with it. Ok I'll stop talking about that.

I've also had my moments where I just can't really take peoples drama.  Example.
I came in contact with a guest at work this week.  He was in the army.  He was a spoiled brat.  I deal with this often.  He decided to voice his opinion with me about not being able to hook his gaming system up to wireless internet and how he wasn't happy with the hotel for this reason.
I put on my best "Bless your Heart" smile and this is what came out of my mouth..."Hmmm well it COULD be worse.  You COULD be in open bay barracks.  Or you COULD be getting shot at sleeping in a tent, in Iraq or Afganistan."  The sweet smile never left my face. LOL  By the way, she shut up after that.  :)   I know it may sound mean but you are in the Army...and they are putting you up in a hotel!  Count your blessings!

Have I ever mentioned that when you pull into cracker barrell at 9am on Wednesday to meet your friend for breakfast that it may scare you (only slightly) when 2 white SUV's pull up, at least 10 guys in suits jump out in sunglasses and are all talking into their shirt collars and looking around like they're expecting a JUST might make you think about Waffle House instead. (Holy run-on sentence batman)  It was kinda crazy.  I've never seen anything like it that wasn't a movie.

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