Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Church Advertisement??

I found a very interesting and really offensive post card in my mailbox yesterday.
It was for the "official launch" of a certain church.  Its apparently brand new.

The top paragraph read this, word for word.
"I know what you're thinking...Church is anything but a party. It's boring, completely irrelevant and they're just after your money. Plus you've got to dress up, follow a bunch of rules and hang out with old people singing weird songs. Who needs it?! I just don't like church!! But...What if church was different?"

Is this even REAL

It goes on and on at the bottom about how they plan to have a mechanical bull, a bouncy house, LOUD music, and an obstacle course.

OH. My bad! For some reason I must have been confused.  See I thought church wasn't supposed to be a party.  I thought you dressed well to honor God. And those weird songs??? They're beautiful and they are worshipping our Saviour!  The rules? Ummmm maybe thats  because some people believe that we are actually supposed to listen and live by the Bible?

Oh dear.  What has this world COME to!!!???

*Stepping off of soapbox*

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