Sunday, August 5, 2012

Three days ago we decided to FINALLY go to Dixie Stampede!  We got discounted tickets through the ITR office and booked a hotel.  Then Friday morning we packed a bag.  And then we packed a bigger bag for Calvin lol... and hit the road.

Here we are at a "scenic overlook" on the way there :)

My two bestests lovies :) <3 td="td">

This is the only picture I took at Dixie Stampede.  Unfortunately you're not allowed to take pics inside.  So I settled for this pretty butterfly before we went in!

Dixie Stampede was definately worth the wait.  It was a really good show!  And Calvin happens to think that Hotels are the coolest thing since String cheese.  But I'm pretty sure thats just because he gets to sleep in bed with us in hotels and he doesn't at home lol.  We had a good little "getaway"

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