Sunday, August 5, 2012

Holy behind on the blog batman!  Here are some pics from a few months ago.  We went to Meramac Caverns.  On the way there we stopped in an adorable little town called Steelville.  It was perfect and quaint and had tons of little painted canoes all over the street.  We also went in "The Fountain"  Everything inside was original from the 50's and it all still worked!   The milk for Tedd's malt was poured out of a glass jar and my ice cream was dipped into a little glass ice cream bowl.  You might think it couldn't get any more perfect...except for the little league team all in their baseball outfits sitting on the stools at the counter eating ice cream.  For real ya'll this place is no joke!

I only took a few pics inside the caverns.  We went on the "lantern tour".  It was really neat.

Sorry about the crazy slicked back wierdo hair.  I blame it ALL on the cave  :)

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