Thursday, July 12, 2012

This is adorable...and SO true!  :) 
In the past week alone:
-One of our friends threatened to commit suicide and I was the one he called.
-Tedd's car failed the Missouri state inspection so I couldn't get license plates for it
-I've had to get the repairs done to Tedd's car
-One of my very good friends/coworkers was fired
-I almost started a fire in the kitchen (but instead only completely melted a good mixing bowl)
-Our air conditioner broke down
-The bathroom faucet is spraying sideways...literally lol
- I discovered that our crawl space is not closed off and we have critters living under the house
-Tedd's friend who left his car at our house while they were gone left his back windows down.  I noticed it a week and a half AFTER 3 straight days of rain. oops

In spite of these normal life happenings things are going pretty well actually.  I miss Tedd and hardly get to talk to him because I work in the evenings when they get done working for the day.  But I am thankful that I have contact with him at all. :)   I also have a lot of good friends that are so much fun, understand me completely and help me with whatever I need.  I am very blessed. :)

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