Monday, July 23, 2012

Tedd's home! Yay!  Calvin and I are very glad he's back.  We're slightly fond of him. ;)
His mission at Ft. Riley went well and they finished far earlier than they anticipated.  I kept busy with friends  I could not have survived had it not been for my two top besties Brittney and Joe.  They both are the best friends a girl can find. For real. Brittney came over when I worked and let Calvin out to potty and of course hung out with me.  And Joe helped with endless dumb "girl issues"  "Ummm hey Joe...Can you help me put on these windshield wipers? PLEAAAASE" LOL

With Tedd coming home, the strays will follow.  Last night I got home from work to find a house full of people playing cards.  I found myself walking in the living room at 10 am this morning asking the strays who spent the night if they would like chocolate chips in their pancakes?  Are you lost yet? lol

And guess what else?  Tedd and I are FINALLY licensed for Foster Care!!! We are beyond excited.  Now we just wait for the calls.  It may be months, or it may be tomorrow.  Only God knows, but we are excited to see where this journey takes us.  And we are both a little anxious to finally have some kiddos in the house.  Our hope is to give children the best possible life we can while they are with us, to love them, and to let them know how much God loves them.

THE cutest stinkin curly haired poodle to ever walk the earth Calvin has his first consultation with the Dr. for his leg surgery tomorrow morning.  So we're praying we get good news and can schedule his first surgery in Springfield soon!  He's as hilarious as ever.  He loves when people come over and especially loves going places.  He went to the Farmers Market  with us and we also took him swimming in the river Saturday.  He was running around in the shallow water and playing with the big dogs!  He doesn't really know he's 8 lbs. lol

I promise to start taking pictures!  I'm not doing well in that department haha.  Best wishes to everyone.  We pray everyone is doing well. We don't really hear much from family now that we've moved away.  Out of site, out of mind? lol.  Anyway, we'd love to get emails, facebook messages, texts or calls saying how everyones doing :)  And...especially pictures of the kids <3

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