Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You never know whats in your kitchen cabinet...

Two days ago, I got out of the shower and was getting ready for work.  I heard commotion in the kitchen and walked out to see what was happening.  I found "Z" and Tedd making some kind of wierd tea.  Z is one of Tedd's friends in his unit.  He is from Russia, and was actually in the Russian army before the U.S. Army.  He makes us all laugh trying to bridge the language barrier, and introducing him to new "American" things LOL.  Anyway, Z was teaching Tedd to make some kind of organic tea with a giant mushroom, a giant jar, some wierd tea/water mixture that looks like it was rotting etc.  Apparently its supposed to be really good for you.  And when I got home from work, I found all of my cook books moved and a giant jar of it in the cabinet LOL.  

One of my favorite things about the army "family" is all of the different cultures.  EVERYONE is from somewhere different.  We get to be friends with so many different people and learn so much about different people.  I guess in a few days we get to taste the tea and see how good it is!

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