Monday, June 4, 2012

Org Day

A few weeks ago, Tedd's battalion had "Org Day".  Basically its a day where each company competes with one another in sporting events, there is a big barbeque, and you everyones families come out to have a good time.   Here are a few pics!

Harvey, Bitner, Tedd and ??

Calvin was a big fan of Org day.  Or maybe it was all of the people and food?

A shot of just SOME of the people there attending.  I think they were about to announce the winner!

Calvin decided, (in true Army Dog fashion)  that when he got hot, he would just hang out under a MASSIVE  Army vehicle and hope it didn't decide to move. 

Tedd's company WON the whole thing! It was pretty exciting actually and there was  A LOT of Hooahs. :)
This is his first seargant getting a pie in the face!
And I didn't get any pictures but Tedd was on the softball team and the tug of war :)

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