Friday, June 29, 2012

One year ago...

Oh how life has changed in the past year.  I would be willing to say that 90% of my life is different than it was 2 years ago.  And honestly probably only 10 % is the same.  Enough with mathmatical equations :)

The only constants in my life have been God, Tedd, and family.  Thats it. Different home, different job, different state, different environment.  Who knew this would be where I was today?  Well God did of course.  But I surely did not lol.  The strange thing about life lately is I'm fairly happy.  I do still feel like we are where we are supposed to be at this moment.  Weekly Tedd and I will discuss where we think he will take his military career.  There are so many options.  Does she stay in as enlisted? Will he decide to go Officer? Maybe Warrant officer?  Where will we live? What will our lives be like?  We are very excited to see what the next 20 years of our lives will be like.

Army life in general is a completely different world.  Completely.  Its almost as if we were picked up out of our "old" life and dropped into a completely different universe.  Before Tedd joined the Army I had probably seen maybe 5 people in uniform (in person) my entire life.  Now thats the norm.  All of my friends husbands are military, I deal with almost ALL military clients at work.  Its strange that this life is now our normal lol.

Some big differences are NO privacy.  Tedd literally is PROPERTY of the army.  I am not in the army.  But I am still largely controlled by it.  Obviously whenever they need Tedd to go somewhere he must go, on any amount of notice.  His chain of command has had to come through our house many times.  They can literally tell you whether or not you can buy a car, if you're allowed to buy a tv.  If a tragedy happened back home, Tedd could not leave and go home right away.  It would have to go through the Red Cross first.   
If I get a speeding ticket, TEDD gets into trouble for "failure to control dependants"  Earlier this spring they told Tedd he could not drive the Saturn until he got new tires.  To be perfectly honest, it does not bother me any more at all.  I'm used to it.  But it is definately a difference from normal "civilian life".

A little  over a year ago we lived in a two story farm house, with a few acres.  Now we live in a duplex in a large housing area on a military installation.  THEY mow, they trim, they blow the leaves, they pick up the trash and recycling.  Very different.

As different as life is now.  We love our life right now.  Before we moved here I was scared terrified!  I think so many people get "comfortable" in life.  They have the same homes, same friends, same churches, same jobs etc etc. 
Some of my biggest fears about moving were: Making new friends, finding and getting hired at a new job, learning my way around a new place, and being "good enough".

I can honestly say I feel empowered in those areas now.  With Gods help we were both able to overcome many fears and we have completely started a new life here.  In a few years, we will probably do it again wherever the army decides to send us.  But Tedd and I now talk about where we will retire to and how excited we are to put down roots WHEREVER we want (and wherever God leads us).  We don't have that fear of "could we do it?"   We know we can.

Tedd left a few days ago for a stateside deployment for 6+ weeks.  Last year when Tedd left for basic training I was the epitome of an emotional catastrophe.  This time, I miss him.  But I'm okay :).  I have friends here who understand, a real support system.  I plan on going about normal life working and hanging out with the furry animals and my friends and trying to pass the time as quickly as possible until I can be in his arms again.
Please pray for Tedd's safety and that the next 6 weeks go fast! :)

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