Friday, June 1, 2012

Cuteness OVERLOAD! :)  So happy!  Calvin is growing up!  He is over 6 lbs now! He finally lost his last puppy teeth.  He is in need of another haircut.  He's a very good boy.  He LOVES all people, children (I know they're people too haha), other animals, pretty much everything.     He's 100%  potty trained, and can now jump onto every piece of furniture. He goes crazy when we pop popcorn because he loves it sooo much.  Tedd told me last night he wants to get Calvin and I an engraved popcorn bowl with Calvin and my names on it LOL  We are going to be taking him to find out about his first leg surgery soon.  We want to do his knee surgery first.  We shall see.  We love our happy boy!

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