Sunday, May 20, 2012

Indiana Wedding weekend.

 Last weekend we headed to Indiana for Josh and Taya's wedding.  The drive there was HORRIBBLE. Tedd was out in the field the whole week and I had no clue when he was getting home.
When he finally did get home we had to leave at midnight.  Neither one of us could stay awake AT ALL.  We were thanking God BIG TIME when we made it there safely!  After catching a nap we were much better :)  Calvin went with us and was PERFECT the entire time!  He was good in the car and perfect in the hotel.  Here he is chillin' on the hotel bed :)

 Here we are on our way to the rehearsal dinner.
 Somehow this is the only picture I have of the bride!
Her beautiful Dress!
 Kylee, Me and Megan!
And a picture of Tedd and I dancing!!!

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