Sunday, May 20, 2012

Branson Marriage Retreat

A few weekends ago we got to go to a Marriage Retreat through the Army.  They put you
up in a really nice place (more like a fancy apartment) and it is all expenses paid.  We spent most
of the weekend in lectures from the the Chaplain.  He mostly discussed the 5 love languages
but we learned a lot and had a lot of fun!
The retreat was in Branson. 

 The Last night we were there we got a gift card to eat at Famous Dave's Barbeque.  This is one side of the table: Hall, his wife Irene and their two kids.
 Then there is Alana, Harvey, Tedd and I!
 It wouldn't be a real trip unless we stopped at a Candy store right? lol.  And no Tedd did not actually purchase this giant gummy bear.
Oh you mean 40 year old men don't always eat sugar candy directly from the dispenser? HAHA

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