Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We left for Indiana at 4 am Friday morning. When I was packing the car in the morning it was probably 80 degrees. I was wearing shorts, and no shoes. We had a good weekend but it was a little too full and hectic for my liking.

Calvin went with us and he was AMAZING! Praise the Lord, he's a good little traveler. He took naps in his crate, played on my lap and looked out the window.

Friday evening when we arrived at my sister's house (where we stayed) we were there for about an hour and then took off for another hour to Tedd's parents. We had a really good time there and got to see his whole immediate family and a few of his aunts as well. We got home late that night and got a small amount of sleep.

Saturday morning I rode with my sister, niece and mom to Fort Wayne. We had about 10 different stops we had to make. I had to pick up my bridesmaids dress, and the bridal shower cake among many other things. By the time we got home we had about an hour to get everything around for my moms birthday party.

We had a good time with everyone from my family that night. It was another late night. Sunday morning I had to make a trip to Wal-mart before 8 am. Then got ready for church and put everything we needed for the bridal shower in the car. Then there was church, and the bridal shower, and the clean up.

I came straight home and loaded the car to go home. Then we drove 9 hrs home.

Are you exhausted yet? I was. It was very nice to see family, but it wasn't much of a "vacation". We had fun none the less. It was nice catching up with family and seeing how much our nieces and nephews had grown. Calvin was great and was in love with all of the kids and my dad's dog "missy". Taya had a really nice shower and I was able to get my dress and shoes for the wedding instead of having them shipped. But we were very excited to be home :)

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