Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tornados, puppies and Work

I spent all of my live long life...up until now in northern Indiana. Needless to say tornado's were not a big worry of mine. Fast forward 500 miles southwest and 5 months.
Tedd and I never go to bed until at least midnight. We had finally crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep. We were suddenly awakened by tornado sirens. The base has an intercom system in all of the housing areas. I ran to the window to see what was happening. Between sirens the "voice" was saying, "Warning. Take Cover." Umm we don't have local television, had not listened to the radio and we had NO idea why we were taking cover! LOL. We assumed it was tornado's so we sprung into action. I started throwing junk out of our large bedroom closet. We grabbed Calvin and Flea and put them both in their crates. We grabbed huge heavy blankets. Then we waited, and waited. We ended up waiting for over an hour. It was mega windy and there was a lot of scary loud thunder. But there was never touchdown here. There was SOOOO much damage in the surrounding towns though. There are lots of volunteering oportunities all around us to help rebuild especially in Branson.

Anyway. Would you be embarassed if your wife ran across the parking lot and started taking pictures of other people's vehicles?

Gotta love how she's all cutely smiling and I've got that crazed fake smile. Tis' life LOL.

Then there's Mr. Calvin Have you ever seen such a raga-muffin?! He needs a haircut worse than I need a housekeeper. One thing about poodles, they don't really shed. Their hair is kind of like ours. It just keeps growing longer (see picture :) ) When we brought him home he had pneumonia. He spent two weeks on an antibiotic which didn't work. We then switched his antibiotics and he's now on week 2 of the second one. I know that pneumonia can take FOREVER to get rid of completely. And luckily he looks forward to his cherry flavored liquid every morning.

Even though he's "sick" he is more crazy and happy than any other puppy. He is so very funny. We dress him in little sweaters and play fetch. He follows us everywhere and climbs everything. We love him.

We also finally started our foster care classes this week! Its a 3 hr class, one night a week for 9 weeks. Our home study is underway. We are REALLY excited to finish and get licensed.

The Army finally paid us part of the back pay they owe us. WOO HOO!!! Tedd is doing well at work. He has been busy becoming certified to drive the "5-ton" and BHL (backhoe), and skidsteer. He is doing GREAT at PT. His score is higher than it has ever been.

Friday night there were 3 people in his platoon that got caught underage drinking, and another guy that got a DUI. UGH Seriously people? SO since the army believes in mass punishment, Tedd and the rest of his platoon spent all day Saturday getting yelled at. *Sigh* Dumb kids.

When it comes to my job. I need some prayers. I am working in a VERY hostile environment. There are things being thrown, doors being slammed, people being called names, and some unethical things happening. It is very hard to be there. I go into the x-ray developing room and cry at least twice a day. If there are not big changes soon, I have no choice but to quit. Please pray that I make the right decision.

Now that your ear is officially talked off, enjoy your day!! :)

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  1. Glad you guys are ok!!! I'll be praying about your job.