Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cookouts and Barbies :)

This picture says it all. Ok. Wait. Maybe it doesn't. haha.

This is what happens when you're friend drags graciously takes you with her to every thrift shop ever known to man. The good news is, see that "Guess Where" game in the background? Score! Except for I had in my mind that it was "Guess Who", which was the coolest game east of the Mississippi. And to be honest, "Guess Where" is pretty lame. I'm banking on the kids thinking otherwise.

So since my Camera is broken, this is the only picture you get to see of our life lately.
Last Friday night we had our friends over and roasted hot dogs, and bunny shaped marshmallows. It was great fun. At one point we ran out of firewood. We didn't want to go off post. So Brittney and I went to the Px at 8:40 and found what we thought would be a splendid alternative...Duraflame or Dura log?? The good news is that one log lasts 2 hours. The bad news is after getting home an reading all of the warnings...I'm 98% sure we'll die of cancer from burning it.

Friday Calvin got neutered and microchipped. I'm really happy to finally have this done so I don't have to worry about it! He's quite the character. He's 4 lbs now and he thinks he's 50. He's downright crazy but we love him. He's finally almost 100% potty trained, is starting to run towards the neighbors house (to visit them) everytime we take him outside, and loves kids. Yesterday I was watching a little boy that my friend usually babysits for a little bit. We were playing with Mr. Potato head. Lets just say Calvin repeatedly stole every piece of Mr. Potato heads body. He kept taking them under the couch and hiding them, like as if he was going to build his own potato head one day.

It seems like we have NO privacy lately. Last night Tedd's new squad leader came over to "inspect our quarters". Apparently, he's going to come once a week. Once a week!!?! He was here for like 2 minutes. I don't think it took him too long to see that we didn't live in filth. Still kind of annoying though. Thursday evening we have our second foster Home Study visit.

Then Friday morning we are taking off for a road trip. Calvin is of course going with us. I feel like by the time we get everything that is written on the list, into our car we may have to ride on the roof haha. We'll see some of you soon!

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