Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camera Fail

My camera broke! I am beyond dissapointed! I am a picture taking fool. And I know that blog posts are no fun to read when there are no pictures :(

So tonight I have but one thing to say. I was having a mini-text-a-thon with Brittney tonight and after hitting send I had a revelation. WHO am I? I just texted, "What kind of soda will ya'll drink?"

Soda? Ya'll?? haha

1 comment:

  1. BWAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA! that is SOOO funny! [soda!]
    Not about the camera because that is a pure, unfathomable tragedy :[ I too am a fool of the picture taking kind and would be devastated at the loss of my picture taking contraption!! I'll put mine on the charger right now and bring it tonight!!

    It cracks me up to hear the sayings and quirkiness we are passing between us!

    I do say SODA so I'll take partial credit for that but I do NOT say "ya'll" so idk where you got that one! Lol....

    Can't wait til tonight!! {watch out little sugar bunnies!} I hope it doesn't rain!! We'll have fun no matter what though!!!

    <3 ya!

    {yes, "ya" because "you" is too formal! lol}