Saturday, February 4, 2012

This weeks randomness....

So another week has gone by and its been another crazy one lol.

Its really been a pretty good week at work for me. The most exciting part is that my boss let me order some parts for the dental machine that will make my life a lot easier! After getting off work 1.5 hrs late today I came home and went for a walk. While on my way up a giant hill, a client called my cell phone. I ended up having to go back into work.

Tedd had a pretty good week at work too. We are still having a pay issue with the army. He's working hard to improve his PT score.

And for the randomness!
This has been the kind of week where:

  • Tedd has tried to buy two grills and both attempts have ended unsuccessfully

  • A person I was speaking with, actually used this as a sentence: "Yes you am"

  • We completely rearranged furniture

  • We added outlet covers, cabinet locks, and a locked medicine box to our house preparing for foster care

  • I realized that I have never learned to fold a fitted sheet

  • Trixie Rabbit has literally kept us up at night multiple nights

  • our "living quarters" were supposed to be inspected...and no one ever showed up....

  • I put the same dirty plate through the dishwasher 3 times before I accepted the fact that I would have to handwash it lol

  • we had to sort through 2 moves worth of paperwork(yes that is a measurement lol) to find everything we need for our taxes

  • I almost got hit by a kid on scooter while walking today

  • This morning I came out to realize Tedd had left the back door open

  • This Sunday is the Superbowl? Who knew?

  • A friend from church and I found each other in the card isle at Wal-mart. We ended up having a good belly laugh about some cards for at least 15 minutes :)

I'll put up an actual post sometime soon lol

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