Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Thursday.

Me and Thursday's have a good thing going :) Thursday has been my day off each week this month.

This morning, I slept until 8 am. It was beyond glorious.
I cleaned a little. Did A LOT of laundry. I ate popcorn for lunch.
Then I picked up Brittney and we ran all over town. We went to Lowes so that I could get an extra house key made. Except for they wouldn't make a key for me. Something about it being a special government key blah blah blah. Stinkin' army keys lol.

Earlier in the week I got bitten by a cat. While we were out and about today the Crocker health department called and said that the cat was Rabies negative so I should be safe. Good to know LOL
We stopped by a little store near base that I had no clue even existed. It has really awesome selection of name brand clothing marked down really far! I got Tedd a "Browning" T-shirt for $2!!! And a hat for $4!! I was excited!

An outing is not complete with my dear friend Brittney if you do not stop by at least 5 thrift we got our fill at Goodwill.

We finished up our outing by hitting the commissary for groceries.
And I ordered an ACU purse!!! See earlier post :).

Tedd got home at a decent time and we have been able to spend some time together. We have an exciting weekend planned and many more things in the future. More later!

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