Monday, January 23, 2012

So this last weekend Tedd and I headed to St. Louis for about 24 hours. I am in LOVE with the city of St. Louis. We had a lot of fun. We got a really good deal on a nice room. Here is the sitting area. The GIANT whirlpool tub. I soaked in this awesomeness for at least an hour until I was a complete prune. It was glorious!

We went out to lunch at a really neat place called "Fitz's". It was decorated really neat and they make and bottle their own soda there! Really cool.

Here is a pic of the bottles being filled. It was neat that you could watch the whole process.

Tedd next to some statue downtown LOL

Then we went to the St. Louis Zoo. Ok not only is this zoo AWESOME...but its open year round AND its FREEEEEE. We had so much fun here. They had 5 different kinds of penguins and you could get very close to them. They were fascinating.

A pic of both of us at the zoo.

Ok by far the coolest part of the zoo was this guy. His name was "Robert". He was 19 yrs old. There were 2 others in the enclosure with him. But he really liked me! There were only 2 other people in the whole building the entire time we were there watching them. He came right up to the glass and looked at me. When I put my hands to the glass...he put his hands right up to mine. It was surreal. God has created some really amazing creatures!

Some really cool, "Row Houses" in the city.

Then we went to Annheuser Busch. The tour was really fun!

This room holds all of the clydesdales tack. Amazing!

These are the stables. Once again...unbelievable!

Such a fun weekend and a very fun city! We also went to a murder mystery dinner theatre. It was not my favorite. I just really wasn't impressed...and there was a really rude actress. But other than was wonderful!

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