Monday, January 30, 2012

Foster Care :)

Tedd and I have decided to do Foster Care :) We're really excited! Yes, we've heard the horror stories. We're going to give it a try. I'll field any questions and take any encouragement you have to give! If you have a negative opinion or comment, write it down, crumple it up...and flush it ;).

More info coming later! :) Right now we're just asking for Prayers! <3

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love one another.

So I was asked a question not too long ago. Multiple people have asked me this question. I always respond the same, and I always have many other things I would like to say floating around my head :).

The question was something like, "Do you ever worry about people seeing what you post in your blog?"
The big answer here is, "NO" To be completely honest, there aren't many people who read my blog anyway. Living over 500 miles away from our families I have started blogging more to keep whoever takes the time to read updated. I've also started writing more so that we have something to look back on in 20 years to see all that we've done and seen. And I'll tell you right now that 20 years of scrapbooks would not make it unharmed in multiple moves LOL.

I worried about the blog at first and wondered what people would "think" after every post I wrote. Not any more.

I am so. over. judgemental. people. I am also really over people who pretend to know whats going on in your life and then want to voice their opinion on how you should handle things. I'm praying for them now. That is not a sarcastic statement. Over the past year I have come to understand that they have some other reason (that has nothing to do with us) that they feel or act the way they do.

When Tedd decided to join the army we had A LOT of backlash. This is not referring to ANY one person. It came from everywhere. I was so hurt. How can people be so judgemental and mean? It made me really angry. Over the past year I've started thinking about it.

The people who judge like that, don't truly know us. As you're reading my blog you might think I disclose everything. I don't. I believe that there are many things that should be kept private.
Tedd and I had literally discussed him joining the army for a few years before he actually did. We felt (and still do feel) like it is where God wants us right now. Getting up and turning your world upside down is not always easy. But if its where God wants us...I'm going to listen. He has blessed us beyond what we could ever imagine once we finally started listening.

So I have decided, and I challenge you to do the same. That I will no longer worry about the judgement. God will take care of that. Who are we to judge our neighbors? I have no idea what is going on in their hearts or in their homes. Lets LOVE them. No matter what we "think". Let's PRAY for them. Its a work in progress. No one is perfect. We all sin. But lets be a little easier on each other. It seems that with each month I get almost "softer". Every time I see someone doing something "crazy" I try really hard to put "myself in their shoes". You NEVER know what you will do in their situation...unless you are there.

When someone tells you something, or you find out about something. Don't "jump to judgement" Love, prayers and hugs are MUCH more effective :). Ok. I will now step off of my soapbox :)

This is a sneak peak of what I will be telling you about in my next post :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

So this last weekend Tedd and I headed to St. Louis for about 24 hours. I am in LOVE with the city of St. Louis. We had a lot of fun. We got a really good deal on a nice room. Here is the sitting area. The GIANT whirlpool tub. I soaked in this awesomeness for at least an hour until I was a complete prune. It was glorious!

We went out to lunch at a really neat place called "Fitz's". It was decorated really neat and they make and bottle their own soda there! Really cool.

Here is a pic of the bottles being filled. It was neat that you could watch the whole process.

Tedd next to some statue downtown LOL

Then we went to the St. Louis Zoo. Ok not only is this zoo AWESOME...but its open year round AND its FREEEEEE. We had so much fun here. They had 5 different kinds of penguins and you could get very close to them. They were fascinating.

A pic of both of us at the zoo.

Ok by far the coolest part of the zoo was this guy. His name was "Robert". He was 19 yrs old. There were 2 others in the enclosure with him. But he really liked me! There were only 2 other people in the whole building the entire time we were there watching them. He came right up to the glass and looked at me. When I put my hands to the glass...he put his hands right up to mine. It was surreal. God has created some really amazing creatures!

Some really cool, "Row Houses" in the city.

Then we went to Annheuser Busch. The tour was really fun!

This room holds all of the clydesdales tack. Amazing!

These are the stables. Once again...unbelievable!

Such a fun weekend and a very fun city! We also went to a murder mystery dinner theatre. It was not my favorite. I just really wasn't impressed...and there was a really rude actress. But other than was wonderful!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Thursday.

Me and Thursday's have a good thing going :) Thursday has been my day off each week this month.

This morning, I slept until 8 am. It was beyond glorious.
I cleaned a little. Did A LOT of laundry. I ate popcorn for lunch.
Then I picked up Brittney and we ran all over town. We went to Lowes so that I could get an extra house key made. Except for they wouldn't make a key for me. Something about it being a special government key blah blah blah. Stinkin' army keys lol.

Earlier in the week I got bitten by a cat. While we were out and about today the Crocker health department called and said that the cat was Rabies negative so I should be safe. Good to know LOL
We stopped by a little store near base that I had no clue even existed. It has really awesome selection of name brand clothing marked down really far! I got Tedd a "Browning" T-shirt for $2!!! And a hat for $4!! I was excited!

An outing is not complete with my dear friend Brittney if you do not stop by at least 5 thrift we got our fill at Goodwill.

We finished up our outing by hitting the commissary for groceries.
And I ordered an ACU purse!!! See earlier post :).

Tedd got home at a decent time and we have been able to spend some time together. We have an exciting weekend planned and many more things in the future. More later!

My new purse!

How cute is this?! I've seriously been wanting an "ACU purse" since before Tedd left for basic training. I FINALLY found one that I liked and thought was cute. It will have one more name tape saying "Miller". Ahh its the little things in life :)

Friday, January 13, 2012


Any of you who actually know me, know that my mind never stops. One thing that has been on my mind lately is some of the things I am thankful for. These are things that I have previously taken for granted. I think especially in our materialistic society we don't realize just how lucky we are to have them!

Each one of these things I lived without at some point in the past year on our journey. But I am thankful to have today...
  1. My husband! I thank God every. single. day. that I wake up and see my husband beside me. I don't care if the alarm is going off at 4 am. I don't care if he is snoring. I don't care how mad he's made me the night before. The point is, that he's there. After spending 5 months waking up without him, I vow to never again take that for granted. He is my love and soul mate. We never know where the army will take us, or when. But for right now, I am SO thankful that he is beside me right now.
  2. A job. Again, not having one makes you so very thankful when you do.
  3. Health insurance.
  4. A washer and Dryer. Seriously ya'll. 4 months. No washer and dryer. The laundromat is expensive!
  5. A close, supportive church family.
  6. Good friends just seconds away
  7. A working dishwasher.
  8. Two running vehicles
This is a very random list that includes very few things. But you get the point. I'm thankful! God is so good, all the time.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Random-ness from Missouri

  • Right now Flea's about to jump on the computer
  • Tedd is reading on the floor. Why? I'm not so sure. Maybe he forgot we had furniture.
  • I took Tedd to my favorite new thrift store today. On the way home, he drove on the wrong side of the road. Once again...I only wish I knew lol
  • I really need a new purse. Okay...maybe want. But kind of need.
  • I am angry at the army for still not paying us what they owe us.
  • I have worked so much lately. Its a good thing I like me job.
  • I have to go back to work in 45 minutes.
  • Tedd will only use Green Bath towels. Weird.
  • Every morning when the alarm goes off, Flea flings himself on our faces. Nothing like cat breath in the morning.
  • Wearing a t-shirt in January seems odd to me.
  • We still have Christmas stickers on the window.
  • Apparently I am the only one who polishes my kitchen cabinets. Don't judge.
  • I got new return address labels from shutterfly this week. For Free. Can we say awesome?
  • Something tells me, we may not have gotten the mail lately.
  • Happy Feet is playing for free this weekend. I want to go see it.
  • Does Tedd need a haircut already? Do they have reverse Rogain?
  • I need to start working out.
  • I want to call my sister.

One of the things I was most worried about before we moved was friends. Would I be able to make friends? You know...real friends? The kind you can talk to about anything. The kind who actually "get me"? Because anyone who knows me, knows I'm kind of strong willed and I'm a little on the kooky side! lol

I have made a lot of friends at work. But my best friend here, Brittney, I actually met on a FLW wives group. She has many similar interests (more about that later). By far the best part about her is that she gets me...and she's Kooky too :) lol. OH...and she only lives 1/2 mile away.

Here is a pic of us on New Years Eve. Our husbands were playing some video game. We were of course, bored with it. We've been hanging out and gabbing, and it seems like we've known each other forever! So fun. I'm so glad we've found each other :)


I'm a little behind, I'm about to play catch up :)
Last week sometime Tedd got offered FREE NFL tickets. It was the St. Louis Rams and the 49ers playing. So Joe, Tedd and I took off to St. Louis on Sunday and watched the game. It was fun. I will say for someone who is not that into football (me) its not really any more exciting when you're there LOL. But it really was a neat experience! Here are some pics :)