Saturday, October 6, 2012

When your husband goes to war

There's been a lot of things going on around here lately.  They aren't really things I want to talk about though. Ick. So I thought I'd put some thoughts together of what your thoughts might be if you know your husbands going to war.

So here goes.
When you're husband is going to war, you..."
-get possessive.  I work nights and hardly ever see Tedd.  So when I'm off I don't want to share him with anyone usually.  I can't help it.
- cringe when you hear him doing online training.  You'll hear certain "situations" and also hear the training tell them how they should be respond.
- There is lots of new gear that will be taking up your closets. Again.
-People will ask you really dumb questions like, "Are you freaking out?" or "Are you sad about him leaving?" Ummm...I feel as though answering those  questions would bring me down to your intelligence level.... Of COURSE DUMMY!!!
- You'll cry out to God and ask him to keep your spouse safe. You will BEG him.  Beg. Out loud.  And you won't care who hears you.
-You'll lay in bed with your head on his chest and cry.  He's asleep and he has no idea...but you don't want it to end.  Just him being here.
- You'll ask him tough questions about the "what ifs" and then you'll lock yourself in the car and bawl your eyes out.  You'll cry until you can't breath.  Why do you have to talk to your husband about these things?
-Other wives will say, "Don't be surprised if he comes back different."  You'll say ok and then cry on the drive home.
-You will wonder where to go and what to do.  Should you go back home to be with family? or stay here by yourself?
-You'll wish the army paid him above poverty level salary so that you could buy him something nice for Christmas to give him before he leaves.
-Some days you'll be a little bitter when you hear women complaining about their husbands job keeping them late or sending them on a 1 week business trip.
-You'll start collecting post office boxes and start coming up with care package ideas.
-"You'll stop watching the news about things "'over there".  You will also have thoughts of doing very bad things to ANYONE who does watch the news and thinks they need to tell you whats happening over there. Ugh.

Anyway.  There is a lot of prayer involved.  A lot of "I don't know" and "what ifs".  More than anything we just keep repeating to each other how much we love each other.  I keep telling him I will Love him and Pray for him every. single. day.  I keep telling him how I promise to TRY to "be ok" and not become a hermit.  Because when the going gets tough thats what I do.  I shut people out.  I'd much rather cry by myself than have other people pretending to know how I feel and consoling me.   I also don't deal well with those people who don't call and talk to you about your life, the happiness and the sadness, everything involved.  Then miraculously, all of the sudden they want to be involved now that he's leaving.   But really they just want to act like they've known you or known whats going on in your life all along.  But they don't.  They're just putting on a show now that more people are watching.  Have I said too much?  Eh. Oh Well. I sounds mean.  I can't help it.  I'm just being honest.
Please pray that God wraps his loving arms around my husband and keeps his body and soul safe.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Church Advertisement??

I found a very interesting and really offensive post card in my mailbox yesterday.
It was for the "official launch" of a certain church.  Its apparently brand new.

The top paragraph read this, word for word.
"I know what you're thinking...Church is anything but a party. It's boring, completely irrelevant and they're just after your money. Plus you've got to dress up, follow a bunch of rules and hang out with old people singing weird songs. Who needs it?! I just don't like church!! But...What if church was different?"

Is this even REAL

It goes on and on at the bottom about how they plan to have a mechanical bull, a bouncy house, LOUD music, and an obstacle course.

OH. My bad! For some reason I must have been confused.  See I thought church wasn't supposed to be a party.  I thought you dressed well to honor God. And those weird songs??? They're beautiful and they are worshipping our Saviour!  The rules? Ummmm maybe thats  because some people believe that we are actually supposed to listen and live by the Bible?

Oh dear.  What has this world COME to!!!???

*Stepping off of soapbox*

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Blind Man...

Those of you who know me closely know I've been struggling with a few things lately.  The biggest obstacle in my life at the present has been other peoples sin.  I know. I know.  We're all sinners.  I AM a sinner.  But growing up fairly "sheltered" I've never been exposed to so many worldy sins.  Not even in college.  Its happening all around me.  And it makes me very sad.  REALLY REALLY sad.  I wrote a post recently about a very small part of it, but there is so much more.

Being a Christian is HARD.  Its hard everywhere.  But I actually do think its harder in some environments.  I have so many good friends here, and so does Tedd.  But sometimes it is hard being the one that always has the different opinion.  Its exhausting really.  People will state what they are doing, or what they plan to do and I wince.  I get sad inside.  Individuals that we know personally being primiscuous, taking advantage of the government and money, having marriages that are "too relaxed" in my opinion.  I feel like I am constantly "correcting" people.  I AM constantly saying, "thats terrible!  You can't do that.  Don't talk about that in my house." etc etc etc.  To them its normal.  But it makes me sad.

Just last night I was actually crying to Tedd about how sad I was that I don't feel like I fit in because I'm so conservative.   Everyone calls me "amish".  Everyone.  They tease me because I'm so uptight about some things.  I won't let certain tv shows be played in my home on netflix (Family Guy, American Dad etc.)  They think I'm a crazy lady.  Of course Tedd comforted me and told me that he loves me just the way I am.  I spent a lot of time in prayer last night and guess what happened!?

God answered.  Yep. He's pretty amazing like that.  As I was doing dishes and making breakfast this morning I loaded a "Focus on the Family" broadcast to listen to.  I listen to them often.  I truly believe that God had me listen to this today for a reason.  Soon after starting to listen, a pastor made this statement,

"If a blind man steps on your foot, would you be mad at him?"   
Of course not!  You would feel sympathy for him.  WOW. Let me explain.   He explained that the people in this world that do not have Jesus in their lives are "blind".  They may be "good people" but they don't "know"where they're going, don't know or don't care that what they're doing is wrong.  And as christian's it is our responsibility to LOVE them, to care about them, and to let God show himself through us.  Instead of worrying about how horrible the world is around us, we need to love them.  We need to pray for them.  We can't change things overnight.  We cannot build a brick building ourselves in a day.  So instead we day by day, lay one brick.  We lay the foundation and pray that God will work in their lives.

This probably makes no sense to anyone else. But it helped me.  I have a little more peace this morning.  I am praying to God that I can start to worry less about all of the terrible things that happen in this scary world and instead pray for and love those people just like Jesus would.

I am quite sure that I am not going to feel like I "fit in" anytime soon.  I'm sure people are still going to tease me and not understand why I am as conservative as I am, but I am okay with it.  I intend to daily pray for these people in my life, to ask God to forgive me for my daily sins, and to pray that  I can become a good enough example for them to see God working in my life.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A little late

A few weeks ago my parents came to visit for a long weekend.  We had a lot of fun!  It was filled with caves, natural bridges, natural spring, fishing, castles,  antique malls, flea markets, the old stagecoach shop, and museums.  

Mom and Dad

Dad holding Calvin.  Calvins eyes look evil lol

Tedd found something he wanted at the flea market haha

She's a tad bit excited about this booth!


The old World War II barracks

Our friend had to make an unexpected trip to the hospital so we watched Miss Jalissa.  Such a sweetie!

Dad and his Christmas gift (j/K)

Next to the helicopter

I think he may have an obsession 

At HaHa Tonka

At the castle ruins

Of course he's strong enough to hold up tons of rock ;)

Under the bridge
Thanks for visiting mom and dad! Its nice to see family :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So Odd...

This week has been filled with so many random moments where I look from left, and then to the right and say, "Is this real?".  As a side note, my  Brittney is who got me started saying that.  Its one of the best sayings ever as it can be used in virtually any situation. ;) In fact I only wish I had a medal or certificate of randomness to personally award this week.

Have I lost you yet?

I was wondering the other day why back in Indiana children call adults by their first name.  And here I am not longer "Jessica" to small children.  Instead I am "Miss Jessica".  Every single time someone introduces me to a child they say, "this is Miss Jessica".  Wierd, right? Is that a southern-ish thing?  Is my grammer (or lack thereof) about to make you vomit?  Its after midnight, cut me some slack.

My spirits have been up and down this week.  I have been pretty upbeat the whole week.  We are getting a lot of new information about Tedd being gone.  Its stressful.  There are so many things you don't ever really want to have to discuss with your spouse that we have to discuss.  You really can't know what you are going to feel like until you are faced with it. Ok I'll stop talking about that.

I've also had my moments where I just can't really take peoples drama.  Example.
I came in contact with a guest at work this week.  He was in the army.  He was a spoiled brat.  I deal with this often.  He decided to voice his opinion with me about not being able to hook his gaming system up to wireless internet and how he wasn't happy with the hotel for this reason.
I put on my best "Bless your Heart" smile and this is what came out of my mouth..."Hmmm well it COULD be worse.  You COULD be in open bay barracks.  Or you COULD be getting shot at sleeping in a tent, in Iraq or Afganistan."  The sweet smile never left my face. LOL  By the way, she shut up after that.  :)   I know it may sound mean but you are in the Army...and they are putting you up in a hotel!  Count your blessings!

Have I ever mentioned that when you pull into cracker barrell at 9am on Wednesday to meet your friend for breakfast that it may scare you (only slightly) when 2 white SUV's pull up, at least 10 guys in suits jump out in sunglasses and are all talking into their shirt collars and looking around like they're expecting a JUST might make you think about Waffle House instead. (Holy run-on sentence batman)  It was kinda crazy.  I've never seen anything like it that wasn't a movie.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Dear America,

Do you remember me? I’m a military wife. The one who may or may not have a bumper sticker, an accent and an Army Wife t-shirt. My social security number, marriage license, driver’s license and car registration were all issued in different states. I am a product of my environment which means I love a Texas Longhorn burger but I still really miss my Maine lobster. I’m the one who takes too many pictures because I know once we leave here, we will never walk this way again.

I am also the one who will soon be left behind to wait. The one who will cross off 365 days and turn the calendar twelve times. I am the one who will struggle with 2am and unopened pickle jars. The one who will cry secretly and smile bravely. I am the one who will be able to tell you exactly what time it is in Korea and how long it takes for a letter to come. I’m the one who will spend the next year talking to a computer screen and sleeping on the wrong side of the

I know what you’re thinking. It’s the same thing everyone thinks. He’ll miss Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, our birthdays and anniversary. He’ll miss a graduation, Easter, Super Bowl and 4th of July. Regardless how important those things are, they are just events. You know that they are coming and you can prepare, mentally and emotionally.

As much as I’m dreading the events he’ll miss, I’m dreading the moments even more. Those you cannot prepare for. They come without warning. They will be found in the frantic Monday morning when nothing will make me smile but a “Hi Baby” text. They will be in the long hours before dawn when I want to reach across and find him sleeping. They will be found in the Friday night movies I’ll want to share with him and the lazy Sunday afternoons. They will arrive as quickly as a summer thunderstorm or the first blooms of spring. They will be there when I realize I don’t have to buy hot sauce for a year. When the Steelers lose (and they WILL lose) and when the snow cone stand opens again. It will be my cold feet missing his warm ones. It will be the silence that comes at night instead of the steady sound of his breathing. Yes, the moments will most certainly be the hardest.

So when you see me, remember that. It’s not the big days that I will miss him the most. It’s the every days. Don’t ask me about the holidays, birthdays or graduation because I’ll have a plan for those. Ask me how I’m doing on the every day and if the tears come please understand. It’s not every day that I’ll let them fall.

An Army Wife

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tedd's AAM

Today Tedd received The Army Achievement Medal :)
He was nominated for the award for "selfless service and dedication to mission accomplishment" (etc etc.) for one of the jobs they did here on post.   It adds another medal to his ASU (dress uniforms) and   I'm a very proud wifey today!! Love you babe!

Monday, August 6, 2012

1950 Housewives guide

Tedd found this the other day on facebook and was reading this to me because it was so funny.  It was actually a published article in a magazine in 1955.

I chuckle at almost every single one of these.  I wonder what they would have thought of me in the 50's...I don't even know how to fold a fitted sheet! HAHA

  • Have dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready on time for his return. This is a way of letting him know that you have be thinking about him and are concerned about his needs. Most men are hungry when they get home and the prospect of a good meal is part of the warm welcome needed.
  • Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you'll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your make-up, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh-looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people.
  • Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him. His boring day may need a lift and one of your duties is to provide it.
  • Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the main part of the house just before your husband arrives. Run a dustcloth over the tables.
  • During the cooler months of the year you should prepare and light a fire for him to unwind by. Your husband will feel he has reached a haven of rest and order, and it will give you a lift too. After all, catering to his comfort will provide you with immense personal satisfaction.
  • Minimize all noise. At the time of his arrival, eliminate all noise of the washer, dryer or vacuum. Encourage the children to be quiet.
  • Be happy to see him.
  • Greet him with a warm smile and show sincerity in your desire to please him.
  • Listen to him. You may have a dozen important things to tell him, but the moment of his arrival is not the time. Let him talk first - remember, his topics of conversation are more important than yours.
  • Don't greet him with complaints and problems.
  • Don't complain if he's late for dinner or even if he stays out all night. Count this as minor compared to what he might have gone through at work.
  • Make him comfortable. Have him lean back in a comfortable chair or lie him down in the bedroom. Have a cool or warm drink ready for him.
  • Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes. Speak in a low, soothing and pleasant voice.
  • Don't ask him questions about his actions or question his judgment or integrity. Remember, he is the master of the house and as such will always exercise his will with fairness and truthfulness. You have no right to question him.
  • A good wife always knows her place.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Three days ago we decided to FINALLY go to Dixie Stampede!  We got discounted tickets through the ITR office and booked a hotel.  Then Friday morning we packed a bag.  And then we packed a bigger bag for Calvin lol... and hit the road.

Here we are at a "scenic overlook" on the way there :)

My two bestests lovies :) <3 td="td">

This is the only picture I took at Dixie Stampede.  Unfortunately you're not allowed to take pics inside.  So I settled for this pretty butterfly before we went in!

Dixie Stampede was definately worth the wait.  It was a really good show!  And Calvin happens to think that Hotels are the coolest thing since String cheese.  But I'm pretty sure thats just because he gets to sleep in bed with us in hotels and he doesn't at home lol.  We had a good little "getaway"

Where the wild ones are...

I have no words for this.

Who is that ADORABLE puppy I am holding you may ask?   Oh tis my sweet baby Calvin :)

Holy behind on the blog batman!  Here are some pics from a few months ago.  We went to Meramac Caverns.  On the way there we stopped in an adorable little town called Steelville.  It was perfect and quaint and had tons of little painted canoes all over the street.  We also went in "The Fountain"  Everything inside was original from the 50's and it all still worked!   The milk for Tedd's malt was poured out of a glass jar and my ice cream was dipped into a little glass ice cream bowl.  You might think it couldn't get any more perfect...except for the little league team all in their baseball outfits sitting on the stools at the counter eating ice cream.  For real ya'll this place is no joke!

I only took a few pics inside the caverns.  We went on the "lantern tour".  It was really neat.

Sorry about the crazy slicked back wierdo hair.  I blame it ALL on the cave  :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tedd's home! Yay!  Calvin and I are very glad he's back.  We're slightly fond of him. ;)
His mission at Ft. Riley went well and they finished far earlier than they anticipated.  I kept busy with friends  I could not have survived had it not been for my two top besties Brittney and Joe.  They both are the best friends a girl can find. For real. Brittney came over when I worked and let Calvin out to potty and of course hung out with me.  And Joe helped with endless dumb "girl issues"  "Ummm hey Joe...Can you help me put on these windshield wipers? PLEAAAASE" LOL

With Tedd coming home, the strays will follow.  Last night I got home from work to find a house full of people playing cards.  I found myself walking in the living room at 10 am this morning asking the strays who spent the night if they would like chocolate chips in their pancakes?  Are you lost yet? lol

And guess what else?  Tedd and I are FINALLY licensed for Foster Care!!! We are beyond excited.  Now we just wait for the calls.  It may be months, or it may be tomorrow.  Only God knows, but we are excited to see where this journey takes us.  And we are both a little anxious to finally have some kiddos in the house.  Our hope is to give children the best possible life we can while they are with us, to love them, and to let them know how much God loves them.

THE cutest stinkin curly haired poodle to ever walk the earth Calvin has his first consultation with the Dr. for his leg surgery tomorrow morning.  So we're praying we get good news and can schedule his first surgery in Springfield soon!  He's as hilarious as ever.  He loves when people come over and especially loves going places.  He went to the Farmers Market  with us and we also took him swimming in the river Saturday.  He was running around in the shallow water and playing with the big dogs!  He doesn't really know he's 8 lbs. lol

I promise to start taking pictures!  I'm not doing well in that department haha.  Best wishes to everyone.  We pray everyone is doing well. We don't really hear much from family now that we've moved away.  Out of site, out of mind? lol.  Anyway, we'd love to get emails, facebook messages, texts or calls saying how everyones doing :)  And...especially pictures of the kids <3

Thursday, July 12, 2012

This is adorable...and SO true!  :) 
In the past week alone:
-One of our friends threatened to commit suicide and I was the one he called.
-Tedd's car failed the Missouri state inspection so I couldn't get license plates for it
-I've had to get the repairs done to Tedd's car
-One of my very good friends/coworkers was fired
-I almost started a fire in the kitchen (but instead only completely melted a good mixing bowl)
-Our air conditioner broke down
-The bathroom faucet is spraying sideways...literally lol
- I discovered that our crawl space is not closed off and we have critters living under the house
-Tedd's friend who left his car at our house while they were gone left his back windows down.  I noticed it a week and a half AFTER 3 straight days of rain. oops

In spite of these normal life happenings things are going pretty well actually.  I miss Tedd and hardly get to talk to him because I work in the evenings when they get done working for the day.  But I am thankful that I have contact with him at all. :)   I also have a lot of good friends that are so much fun, understand me completely and help me with whatever I need.  I am very blessed. :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

One year ago...

Oh how life has changed in the past year.  I would be willing to say that 90% of my life is different than it was 2 years ago.  And honestly probably only 10 % is the same.  Enough with mathmatical equations :)

The only constants in my life have been God, Tedd, and family.  Thats it. Different home, different job, different state, different environment.  Who knew this would be where I was today?  Well God did of course.  But I surely did not lol.  The strange thing about life lately is I'm fairly happy.  I do still feel like we are where we are supposed to be at this moment.  Weekly Tedd and I will discuss where we think he will take his military career.  There are so many options.  Does she stay in as enlisted? Will he decide to go Officer? Maybe Warrant officer?  Where will we live? What will our lives be like?  We are very excited to see what the next 20 years of our lives will be like.

Army life in general is a completely different world.  Completely.  Its almost as if we were picked up out of our "old" life and dropped into a completely different universe.  Before Tedd joined the Army I had probably seen maybe 5 people in uniform (in person) my entire life.  Now thats the norm.  All of my friends husbands are military, I deal with almost ALL military clients at work.  Its strange that this life is now our normal lol.

Some big differences are NO privacy.  Tedd literally is PROPERTY of the army.  I am not in the army.  But I am still largely controlled by it.  Obviously whenever they need Tedd to go somewhere he must go, on any amount of notice.  His chain of command has had to come through our house many times.  They can literally tell you whether or not you can buy a car, if you're allowed to buy a tv.  If a tragedy happened back home, Tedd could not leave and go home right away.  It would have to go through the Red Cross first.   
If I get a speeding ticket, TEDD gets into trouble for "failure to control dependants"  Earlier this spring they told Tedd he could not drive the Saturn until he got new tires.  To be perfectly honest, it does not bother me any more at all.  I'm used to it.  But it is definately a difference from normal "civilian life".

A little  over a year ago we lived in a two story farm house, with a few acres.  Now we live in a duplex in a large housing area on a military installation.  THEY mow, they trim, they blow the leaves, they pick up the trash and recycling.  Very different.

As different as life is now.  We love our life right now.  Before we moved here I was scared terrified!  I think so many people get "comfortable" in life.  They have the same homes, same friends, same churches, same jobs etc etc. 
Some of my biggest fears about moving were: Making new friends, finding and getting hired at a new job, learning my way around a new place, and being "good enough".

I can honestly say I feel empowered in those areas now.  With Gods help we were both able to overcome many fears and we have completely started a new life here.  In a few years, we will probably do it again wherever the army decides to send us.  But Tedd and I now talk about where we will retire to and how excited we are to put down roots WHEREVER we want (and wherever God leads us).  We don't have that fear of "could we do it?"   We know we can.

Tedd left a few days ago for a stateside deployment for 6+ weeks.  Last year when Tedd left for basic training I was the epitome of an emotional catastrophe.  This time, I miss him.  But I'm okay :).  I have friends here who understand, a real support system.  I plan on going about normal life working and hanging out with the furry animals and my friends and trying to pass the time as quickly as possible until I can be in his arms again.
Please pray for Tedd's safety and that the next 6 weeks go fast! :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You never know whats in your kitchen cabinet...

Two days ago, I got out of the shower and was getting ready for work.  I heard commotion in the kitchen and walked out to see what was happening.  I found "Z" and Tedd making some kind of wierd tea.  Z is one of Tedd's friends in his unit.  He is from Russia, and was actually in the Russian army before the U.S. Army.  He makes us all laugh trying to bridge the language barrier, and introducing him to new "American" things LOL.  Anyway, Z was teaching Tedd to make some kind of organic tea with a giant mushroom, a giant jar, some wierd tea/water mixture that looks like it was rotting etc.  Apparently its supposed to be really good for you.  And when I got home from work, I found all of my cook books moved and a giant jar of it in the cabinet LOL.  

One of my favorite things about the army "family" is all of the different cultures.  EVERYONE is from somewhere different.  We get to be friends with so many different people and learn so much about different people.  I guess in a few days we get to taste the tea and see how good it is!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The day after Org Day (see below)  we decided to take a float trip down the river.  We all bought $5 tubes from Wal-Mart and decided to go for it!  Five hours later we finally made it to our other car LOL. There was about 12-14 of us, and we had a great time!  We did get very burnt haha.  Afterward we all hung out at our house.  

Hall and Tedd supervising "Z" making his yummy Russian food.


And this is how we roll when we've all been out in the sun too many days in a row.  We were supposed to be watching a movie.  As you can see Joe, "Z", and "Montana" didn't last long! LOL

My new friend Stephanie was wide awake though! HAHA I love her!

Org Day

A few weeks ago, Tedd's battalion had "Org Day".  Basically its a day where each company competes with one another in sporting events, there is a big barbeque, and you everyones families come out to have a good time.   Here are a few pics!

Harvey, Bitner, Tedd and ??

Calvin was a big fan of Org day.  Or maybe it was all of the people and food?

A shot of just SOME of the people there attending.  I think they were about to announce the winner!

Calvin decided, (in true Army Dog fashion)  that when he got hot, he would just hang out under a MASSIVE  Army vehicle and hope it didn't decide to move. 

Tedd's company WON the whole thing! It was pretty exciting actually and there was  A LOT of Hooahs. :)
This is his first seargant getting a pie in the face!
And I didn't get any pictures but Tedd was on the softball team and the tug of war :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Cuteness OVERLOAD! :)  So happy!  Calvin is growing up!  He is over 6 lbs now! He finally lost his last puppy teeth.  He is in need of another haircut.  He's a very good boy.  He LOVES all people, children (I know they're people too haha), other animals, pretty much everything.     He's 100%  potty trained, and can now jump onto every piece of furniture. He goes crazy when we pop popcorn because he loves it sooo much.  Tedd told me last night he wants to get Calvin and I an engraved popcorn bowl with Calvin and my names on it LOL  We are going to be taking him to find out about his first leg surgery soon.  We want to do his knee surgery first.  We shall see.  We love our happy boy!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Indiana Wedding weekend.

 Last weekend we headed to Indiana for Josh and Taya's wedding.  The drive there was HORRIBBLE. Tedd was out in the field the whole week and I had no clue when he was getting home.
When he finally did get home we had to leave at midnight.  Neither one of us could stay awake AT ALL.  We were thanking God BIG TIME when we made it there safely!  After catching a nap we were much better :)  Calvin went with us and was PERFECT the entire time!  He was good in the car and perfect in the hotel.  Here he is chillin' on the hotel bed :)

 Here we are on our way to the rehearsal dinner.
 Somehow this is the only picture I have of the bride!
Her beautiful Dress!
 Kylee, Me and Megan!
And a picture of Tedd and I dancing!!!

Branson Marriage Retreat

A few weekends ago we got to go to a Marriage Retreat through the Army.  They put you
up in a really nice place (more like a fancy apartment) and it is all expenses paid.  We spent most
of the weekend in lectures from the the Chaplain.  He mostly discussed the 5 love languages
but we learned a lot and had a lot of fun!
The retreat was in Branson. 

 The Last night we were there we got a gift card to eat at Famous Dave's Barbeque.  This is one side of the table: Hall, his wife Irene and their two kids.
 Then there is Alana, Harvey, Tedd and I!
 It wouldn't be a real trip unless we stopped at a Candy store right? lol.  And no Tedd did not actually purchase this giant gummy bear.
Oh you mean 40 year old men don't always eat sugar candy directly from the dispenser? HAHA