Friday, December 23, 2011

Flea's New Obsession

This is a guest post from Flea Miller:

Hello Blog Readers. I am Flea Miller. I used to reside in Indiana. One day, a day like any other I ate a piece of cheese. My mother gave me this piece of cheese. I trusted her, and I ate it. Had I known that she had hidden a large dose of sedative inside, I may have reconsidered my breakfast that morning. Nah...actually I probably still would have eaten it.

Anyway, I felt all funny and next thing I knew I was riding on a pillow on mommy's lap for what seemed like forever. We finally got out of the car, and I came into my new kitty lair. Now we live in Missouri. I love it here! I of course still have my own bedroom. Technically I share it with Trixie rabbit my sister. Technicalities really. Anyway I have more stuff than I know what to do with. But lately I have discovered what I will introduce to you all as "the magic box". Here I am posing by it. I am suddenly enthralled by its never ending entertainment. I watch movies and tv on it. I watch while mommy types or while daddy reads things on it. But quite possibly the most fun is to smack the screen and try to catch what daddy calls "the mouse". I've even discovered that if I step on the keys, cool things usually pop up.

The best part is, no matter what I do mommy just says, "oh isn't he cute?"

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