Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day

Our Christmas was a little unconventional. Christmas Eve night, we had dinner here with some friends. It was yummy and we had a really good time. That evening after dinner I was researching state parks. :)
So after going to Church on Christmas we took off for Bennett Springs State Park. It was me, Tedd and Joe (The Three Amigos) We were planning to do the "natural tunnel" trail. It was supposed to be 7 miles. Well it was 7 miles to get TO the tunnel. We took the shorter way back, and it ended up being like 11 miles! We did have lots of fun. It makes me soo excited for camping this summer!
AND before we took off on this hike we went to the park office. The very dedicated Ranger man was there...on Christmas Day. He told me how to get to the trailhead. Then I saw a brochure about Bears in Missouri. If you weren't aware, apparently there are black bears in Missouri.

My favorite part of the brochure is the part that says...and I quote, "If a bear should attack, fight back. Hit the bear in the nose and eyes. Kick the bear as hard as you can. Use any available objects."
Umm...am I the only one thinking this sounds a little crazy? Pretty sure you're not gonna see this girl bear fighting. LOL Luckily we didn't have to use these tactics!

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