Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life in Missouri

So many things have happened! We moved into our house on base. Our furniture got delivered. And today we got our used washer and dryer! Its really feeling like a home here. Tedd and I both really like the area.

I've stayed really busy so far getting things set up. Changing everything over, setting up bank accounts here, getting license plates, switching prescriptions, switching addresses with all utilities etc etc. I never imagined all that there would be to do! This week besides job hunting, I have to get a bracket on the front of my car, get the oil changed and new brakes on the Saturn, find a vet for Flea and so on.

I haven't found a job yet but I am hoping one comes soon. The library on post is closed for renovation so I have been going to the Waynesville library since they have "Word" to do my resume.

The MWR here is great. There is so much to do! We are trying to take advantage of everything we can here.
Here are a few pics of the house!

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