Monday, November 28, 2011

Box of Faves

So you know how Oprah has her "favorite things" episode? Well if I had a box
with all my favorite things in it, wanna know what would be inside? I'll tell you what making me happy lately.
#1 Carolyn Haines Murder Mystery Novels. I'm on 7 out of the 11 in the series. They are to die for :) haha I crack myself up. lol.

Then there's the good old dependable "Gooseberry" 5 ingredients or less cookbook. My socks are completely rocked off by the fact that I only have to write 5 ingredients on my grocery list, put 5 ingredients in my cart, put 5 ingredients in my cabinet, and get 5 ingredients out when I'm about to make a meal.
Other things in my box:
  • Lists...lots of them
  • Pretending I'm a certified professional organizer :)
  • Dave Ramsey (Think he'd fit in a box?)
  • Trying to find a job (well I wouldn't say that my favorite...ugh)
  • Making and Mailing out Christmas Cards ( I'm in love with them)
  • Taking advantage of the services that the army provides (more on that later)
  • Having a washer and dryer
  • Getting a housewarming package from my aunt
  • Having more visitors in the past month than we've had the last 4 years combined
  • Super cute scarves
  • Good Smelling Candles and wallflowers
  • Seeing the mountains
  • Playing wii ping pong
Ok I that seems I have a really big box of faves. :)

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