Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A series of tributes...#2

She's going to hate me for this picture! Its the only one I could find on my computer of us together. :)

My one and only sister. She is six years older than me. We used to hate each other. Haha. It may have been because we had to share a room. Or maybe because we didn't have much in common back then.

Who knows? The important thing is that now I love her A LOT. She is not just my sister. She is my BEST friend. I can talk to her about anything. She is an excellent listener and she always knows exactly what to say. When she doesn't know what to say, she can at least make me laugh :). She understands. She doesn't judge. She doesn't try to "fix" me. She just plain "gets" me.

I know she will always be a phone call away. She is one of the people I will miss the most. We have become very close over the past few years. This summer even when I did not want to talk...she made me. She has some way of knowing what I need. We have lots of inside jokes and she ALWAYS makes me feel better!

I LOVE you Janelle Ann Keefer!

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