Monday, October 10, 2011

A series of tributes #3

I'm continuing the series on the people who have been so amazing and helpful this summer. Today is about "Dr. Glasgo" :) She is one of the veterinarians that I work with but more than that...she is one of my very best friends.

She's an amazing vet. Honestly. Best I have ever/will ever know. Not only is she extremely intelligent but she has great people skills. She is oh so patient with Mr. Amos Josiah Miller. NO other Dr. would EVER be as patient with him.

She sets me straight and tells me to "get ahold of myself" when I am being ridiculous :) She tells me the truth. I respect truthful people to the moon and back. She's always there for me. As busy as her life is, she's never too busy to be there when I need her!

Her hubby (Tedd's best friend ) gave us realty advice and helped me move. That was a SERIOUS lifesaver! I really don't know if we could have gotten that task done without him that day!

She can always make me laugh. We would often find our boss very uncomfortable with our closeness and our conversation topics HAHA. I also can't call her anything but "Dr.". I am not sure why but since I call her "Dr. Glasgo" at work, it just doesn't seem like her name really is "Jennifer". Last week we were shopping at the mall and I was yelling to get her attention across the store..."Hey Dr.!!" Yes, people DO look at us funny. :)

I love her so very much. Thank you for being there for me and for helping me this summer especially!

OH and just in case you thought she wasn't amazing already, she also got me the most amazing "going away" present! She made a photo book on snapfish of our friendship at work and outside of work. Such an awesome personalized gift. AND she put together a basket (in all of her craftiness) of things I love most, including a big bottle of Amos's meds. Can we say answered prayer?

I love you Dr. and I will miss you when I leave! :)

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