Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our new home!

We arrived here safely. We brought both cars down, FULL of stuff. It was a really fun drive actually. We both took "walkie talkies" and talked the whole way.

Tedd started inprocessing yesterday so I haven't taken many pictures yet but I wanted to share some fun facts about things so far and our new state!

P.S. For the purpose of this post, FLW will mean Fort Leonard Wood and MO will mean Missouri. :)

  • The base is HUGE and seriously beautiful. Set smack dab in the middle of the Ozark Mountains and Mark Twain National Forest. There are tons of trees and parks and outdoor activities, off and on base.

  • We are living in temporary housing right now. Its almost like living in a dorm room in college. We're making the best of it. Although I will say its slightly difficult to find meals that can be made soley on a "hot plate" haha.

  • We've been offered a house!!! Praise the Lord. The normal wait list is 2-4 months. And we get to walk through in about 10 days. We will be accepting because we can't afford not to. And because no matter what, we're not buying it so no biggie. Home is here the heart is. Well and where the moving truck drops your stuff off haha.

  • I went to the commisary yesterday. It is just like any giant grocery store except for two things. The first being the prices. Not everything is cheaper. But there are some things that are CRAZY cheap. Like, "I can't buy this because we can't make it on a hotplate but I want to buy/hoard 28 of these, cheap" Honest. The second difference is that they bag and load your groceries just like the good old days.

  • When the nice old commissary man was following me out to the car to load my groceries....I realized I did not have one single solitary clue where I'd parked. That was slightly embarassing LOL. But you know me, you know I roll that way :)

  • I somehow found my way to the post office, thrift store, movie theatre, bowling alley, Army Community Services building, and the Px all on my own yesterday! Since I am directionally challanged and can't find my way out of a three sided cardboard box, thats great for me.

  • They have a special office here at FLW that is specifically to help spouses find employment. Yay! I will be headed there after we get back from meeting the movers.

  • In a safety brief yesterday we learned that it is illegal to pass on the right in MO.

  • We also learned that you're allowed to text and drive if you're over the age of 21 in MO. (Seriously? Thats so extremely crazy. Who thought that up?)

  • There is NO using cell phones or electronic devices while driving on FLW. If you so much as check the time on your cell phone and the MPs catch you...$75 fine. Oh and since this is the MP (military police) school, they'll catch you. :)

  • The thing that I am possibly most excited about is the fact that we have armadillos here in MO. How cool is that!? My wonderful husband has so bluntly pointed out, that they are simply rats with shells. You may think that made it less exciting for me? Oh no. Not at all. In fact I am quite determined to find one and take many pictures :) I wonder if they bite?

  • I am very anxious to get all of our Household goods packed up and on a truck. But I'm more anxious to get Flea and Trixie here. But I am so excited to have everything here. And to set up our new home. To hopefully find a friend that will help me decorate. Or maybe just find a friend in general haha.

And last, but certainly not least, for your viewing pleasure......

I think its kinda cute!

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  1. Glad you made it there! We're praying for you and Tedd!
    You're right they are cute!