Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm still alive!

Hello ya'll. Yes, you may have wondered but I AM still here. Well...not "here" as in where I USED to be...but still "here" none the less lol. Are you confused yet? haha

Ok so its kind of been 3 months since I posted last. I'm a terrible blogger, but I'm going to be honest...I'm not losing any sleep over it. Oh and I know the grammer is bad. I'm not worrying about that either right now.

SO much has changed since I last posted! Just a few days after I posted last our house DID sell!! And the very same day...I MOVED! lol. Thanks to my parents, my brother-in-law and a very good friend (David...I owe you!) we moved everything we had in the house to our little 2 bedroom apartment. Amos and I have really done well here and although its VERY different to living on a small farm with a fenced in yard...its meeting our needs and we are very content :).

Then there was Tedd's Basic Training Graduation. It was nothing short of Marvelous to see my husband after 2.5 months!! To hear his voice after only imagining what it would sound like, reading his letters, feeling his arms wrapped around me after months of needing that soo bad... And getting to just talk about our experiences while we had been apart.

After dropping him off back at the base, we embarked upon the next adventure...AIT. He went down to Gulfport Mississippi for what was supposed to be 7 weeks. Well 7 weeks has turned into at least 9 weeks lol. But the end of the "training" phase is coming to an end and we're both very excited.

A few weeks ago I flew down to see Tedd on a weekend. I was able to "steal" him away from the army and have him ALL to myself for about 36 hours. Ok I lied...we stayed in the base hotel and they pretty much have to know every time you move...but it was AMAZING none the less. :) We honestly had the best weekend EVER. We spent most of it on the beach. Talking, walking, laughing, holding hands. Like I said...glorious.

Don't worry...its PG. We're allowed...we're married! haha

I am SO very proud of Tedd for every single thing he accomplishes. AIT has been very different than Basic Training. His AIT is very strict as far as they go. But we are very thankful that most days he is able to call me for at least a few seconds.

Then..a few weeks ago we FINALLY found out where we'll be going next! Ft. Leonard Wood Missouri! Yes this may sound pretty boring, but I'm really excited actually. When it comes down to it, all I really care about is that we're together. I think it will be a good first duty station for us since its not TOO far from home and its in the middle of nowhere (because thats how I roll lol ).

As far as me. I am doing really well. I am not going to lie and say this has not been hard. It has been by far the hardest 5 months of my life. Nothing can prepare you for being away from the person you love for that long. There are sooo many emotions and so many hurdles to jump through.

But I will say this...God KNOWS what he's doing. (Insert "DUH" here haha) As hard as all of this has been, I know that I am a much stronger person for it. I've learned to let go and give things to God...even when I don't want to. Tedd and I are truly closer than we've ever been. Our marriage is stronger in SO many ways. We have said to each other so many times that we love each other more NOW than we ever imagined we could. We now can see all of the things in life and in each other that we took for granted.

I've also learned that God will provide. Things have been very difficult and we have made a lot of changes. I've cancelled our gym membership, cancelled netflix, switched Amos's medication to a $4 med, sold a lot of our excess possessions, downgraded our phones to just "talk and text" basic phones...and the list goes on.

But you know what? I don't miss any of it. I am walking outside in Gods beautiful "outside gym" lol, I LOVE not being "connected" by a smart phone all the time..LOVE IT. I check my email and my facebook when I feel like it and its not constantly buzzing in and taking my attention away from the things in life that really matter. One of my VERY best friends (Dr. Glasgo) got me a 1,000 count bottle of Amos's medication for a going away I don't have to worry about the expense for a few YEARS. God really does provide.

The BEST news of that it won't be long until I get to pick Tedd up at the airport and bring him a home he's never seen haha...for the first time in 5 months! I am SO. VERY. EXCITED!

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