Friday, October 7, 2011

A complimenting kinda day

I really should never make plans...because thats usually when things start to go awry lol. One thing I have talked about a lot is how this whole "army" experience has taught me that I can do much more than I ever thought I could.

Yesterday morning I went to the bank and was planning on going straight from there to Ft. Wayne to meet my sis and to do some other errands. I was driving the truck because the mechanic told me to drive it once a week lol. As I pulled out of the bank parking lot all of the sudden I could tell something was very wrong. I immediately pulled into the very first spot I couuld in a parking lot only a few hundred feet away and this is what I found...

A REALLY flat tire. I must have run over something. With no one else to call... I called my Roadside assistance. An extremely sweet older man came out and put my spare on and also taught me how to do it. Roadside assistance rocks! haha. Then I went into town and went to the Ford Dealership and had the tire fixed, had it remounted, and had them put my spare back under the truck.

Then I went to the mall to meet my sis. I was rushing down the escalator and I almost ran into a lady as I was getting off. I started to apologize and she stopped me and said, "oh its fine! You know what? You have beautiful eyes!" Whoa. In case you never knew how much a compliment could do for someones made me feel so good!

The biggest compliment though came from my hubby :). We didn't get to talk last night until after 11pm. After talking to him about his day, he asked me about mine. I told him about the flat tire. But I followed with telling him not to worry because everything was fine and I had it handled.

He got very quiet. VERY quiet. I asked what was wrong. After a pause that seemed like an eternity he said, "Nothing. I'm just SO proud of you. You have no idea. You're a military wife now. You guys have the hardest job there is and you have to take care of everything. I'm just so proud of you for not freaking, getting it changed, and decidin to get it fixed all on your own."

THAT was the best compliment I've had for months :) I thought it was sweet and it definately made my day that he appreciates me, as much as I do him.

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