Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Combines and Labradoodles...

Look at me blogging 4 days in a row! :) Here is my day in a series of "snippets"

  • Amos met his new best friend at daycare...a big black labradoodle. Apparently they are quite smitten with each other!

  • I spent the afternoon riding horses with one of my besties. We did what we do best...racing and riding until our poor horses can barely stand. lol We even got chased by a combine...it was quite adrenaline pumping.

  • I read 100 pages in a very good mystery novel I rented from the Library yesterday

  • I listed 4 more large things on craigslist...I'm certain by the time we leave everything we "own" will probably fit in a Smart Car

  • It saddens me to say I apparently cannot even handle keeping a 900 sq ft. apartment from looking like it has been through a natural disaster

  • My cat is currently cuddled up with a stuffed giraffe

  • My dog is asleep in my bed...on my side...with his head on MY pillow...*sigh*

  • I found out we may be living in a hotel room for a while...awesome lol

  • Working on a resume is seriously no fun. I can't help but wonder if anyone will want me lol

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