Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update and address!

Its been one week since I posted last. I miss Tedd terribly. But I'm looking on the bright side..ONE week down! I got a 3 minute phone call from Tedd Wednesday night. It was wonderful. I thank God that I was home, that I had my phone, that I had reception, and that I had paper nearby! He was able to give me his address. Its really long! 6 lines to be exact, almost a paragraph lol. And I had long enough to ask him how he was. He had lost his voice already haha but said he was doing great.

I've written Tedd every day since he left so the next morning all of my letters finally went out. I know I probably won't get another phone call for a while but just knowing that I can write him makes things a lot better! I hope to start getting letters from him soon too.

I did get my packet from the army yesterday so that I can go get my military I.D. I'm going to do that next week. It is important that I get that soon since it doubles as my health insurance card as well.

I have had an eventful week here at home too. Something broke into the duck house and killed 3 of my pet ducks. Whatever it was also injured Dewey. So now we have them on lockdown. Dad helped me set a live trap, hopefully we catch the criminal. Oh and I'm keeping dewey on the back porch. He's not liking me but he's on antibiotics, pain meds, and eye meds. Its easier for me to medicate him this way.

I also had to make a huge decision this week on my own. I prayed for wisdom, and I hope I did the right thing. Now we just have to see how it all pans out. Please pray for that situation. And hopefully I can share more details soon.

I continue to ask your prayers for Tedd's safety. I also ask for prayers that he is happy and having a good time. If you would be interested in writing him a letter or card, please comment, email, or facebook me. He would love to get mail from everyone. There are quite a few stipulations on what you can and can't send, the outside of the envelopes, the return address and the address itself. I can fill you in on that if you want to send something.

And again, any questions? Feel free to ask.

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