Saturday, June 4, 2011

Phone Calls and Update!

So when a SIT (Soldier in Training) arrives at their Basic Training Location, they first go through 3-7 days of "reception". During this time, they take care of pay, life insurance, medical insurance, get their military I.D., learn to march, learn how to make their beds correctly, get issued their boots, get issued their uniforms, go to the Px to get all of their supplies (shower shoes, running shoes, soap, flashlights, socks, underwear, spandex etc etc) and much more.

That is what Tedd has been up to since he arrived. From what I hear/know once a soldier actually starts the basic training portion they will get very few, IF any phone calls. When I have asked about during reception, the answers were ALL over the board. Some family members got phone calls every night from their SIT during reception, some never even got a call to say they made it there safely. It all depends of where they are, and their drill instructors etc.

Well Guess what? I've have been one of those VERY lucky wives to get at least one call each evening so far!!! I know that tomorrow (if he even gets to call tomorrow) will be the last one, but I'm going to soak them up while they last! I cannot even express how blessed I feel. It is SO wonderful to know that he's safe, that paperwork is going the way it should be, etc.

There have been a few roadblocks already. I'll share them with you.
The first day Tedd was there when he called me he was VERY down. When I asked what was wrong, ""

So whats the big deal? Well let me explain. When a soldier ships out, they have only a few things in their bags, there "packet" is the most important. It contains: their ORIGINAL birth certificate, and social security card, a direct deposit form from the bank, an original marriage cert., high school diploma, college transcripts, Journeyman's Certificate (in Tedd's case) and much more.

They had to dump their bags when they first got there, everyone was rummaging through everything and someone else had picked it up. I immediately called the very helpful, Sargeant from Fort Wayne and he told me that they have copies in the system so to not stress out and to tell Tedd the same. That made us feel better. I didn't tell Tedd, but I was still worried about those documents missing or worse being in someone elses hands.

But guess what?!!! I prayed. And prayed. And Prayed some more. Did I mention I prayed? LOL Tedd just called for a few seconds and said his Drill Instructor called him into a room with a serious look on his face and said, "Miller...... You are a VERY lucky man. Someone found this."
The packet was returned with every original document!!! God is SO good. Tedd feels SO much better now!!

This week has been hard, thats for sure. I've cried when things remind me of him, or when I hear a slow song, or just when I think about his smile or his laugh, especially his hugs. But God truly is performing so many miracles. I know that God knows what he is doing. We are handing things to God, and learning to have so much faith in him. I've been so blessed to get those phone calls.

Feel free to ask any army questions you ever have! And thank you all for the prayers!

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