Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our journey begins

I just dropped Tedd of at his recruting station. To be honest it doesn't really seem real yet. It went as well as goodbyes go. But our final goodbyes will be tomorrow morning after I watch him swear in. I wanted to share something that he gave me last night though. He knew how much I would miss him to cuddle up to at night so he bought me a body pillow. Then he was thoughtful enough to have my mom make a Service Star Pillowcase for it. For many of you who the military is somewhat new to, the service star is a very meaningful symbol. It can be flown only by spouses, parents and siblings of Active Duty Military. It of course made me cry, but I am so thankful that he did this for me and for his thoughtfulness. As you can see Amos was excited about his mommy's new gift as well. I thank God that Amos is here for consant companionship while Tedd is gone. When we dropped Tedd off today, Tedd hugged Amos in the truck and told him to "take care of mommy". There I go crying again lol. We miss you already sweetie but we are SOOO proud of you and love you SOO much!

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