Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our journey begins

I just dropped Tedd of at his recruting station. To be honest it doesn't really seem real yet. It went as well as goodbyes go. But our final goodbyes will be tomorrow morning after I watch him swear in. I wanted to share something that he gave me last night though. He knew how much I would miss him to cuddle up to at night so he bought me a body pillow. Then he was thoughtful enough to have my mom make a Service Star Pillowcase for it. For many of you who the military is somewhat new to, the service star is a very meaningful symbol. It can be flown only by spouses, parents and siblings of Active Duty Military. It of course made me cry, but I am so thankful that he did this for me and for his thoughtfulness. As you can see Amos was excited about his mommy's new gift as well. I thank God that Amos is here for consant companionship while Tedd is gone. When we dropped Tedd off today, Tedd hugged Amos in the truck and told him to "take care of mommy". There I go crying again lol. We miss you already sweetie but we are SOOO proud of you and love you SOO much!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Its getting closer...

Ok so its been a long while since I've updated. Times have been a litte crazy around here. We tried to sell our house on our own for a while. That didn't go over very well. So after much praying and deliberating we have decided that although it will cost more, it is in our best interest to list with a realtor. We listed about 3 weeks ago now. Our realtors name is Shelly. She is a very driven person, which I really like. She came through our house and told us EXACTLY how to stage our house to sell. It was A LOT of work but we did it all. We painted rooms, painted woodwork, moved existing furniture to different spots in the house, and moved A LOT of things into storage. There is not a single appliance or object on any counter. I have to admit, there is a part of living in a practically empty house that is extremely freeing.

I am a very simplistic person when it comes to possessions anyway. I keep very little, and STILL it is amazing how much junk you can aquire! We are very proud of the work we've done on the house. At this point we have done all WE can do, and we have handed it over to God. We would appreciate all the prayers we can get :).

Other than the house, Tedd has been working out A LOT trying to get ready for boot camp. I'm very proud of the progress he has made and I KNOW he can do this! I have been working a lot...a lot... a lot. lol. We've been taking a lot of walks at Chain O Lakes when its not raining. I'm beginning to think I could be a weather forcaster. All I would have to do is say, "50 degrees and rain" EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. lol

Tedd leaves in 4 days. Whew. Thats hard for me to deal with. I've acted pretty strong about it. On the inside it makes me feel lonely and he hasn't even left yet. There has not been a single day in over 5 years that I haven't at least talked to him. And now I am looking at next week and knowing I won't be able to see him for 10-11 weeks, and that we won't be actually together again under the same roof for over 4 months.

The ONLY way I will get through this is with God. Period. End of story. I pray every day for Tedd's safety. I pray that he actually has a good time, that he meets lots of good friends, and that God uses this experience to shape him in to a better servant for him. I know God has a plan. I also pray the same thing for myself. I pray that this experience will not only make Tedd and I closer and our relationship stronger. But I also pray that God helps me use some of the time I will spend alone seeking a closer relationship with God himself. I know I will have rough days where all I can do is miss him. But I will write him a letter every single day, and pray to God for comfort and safety.

As hard as Tedd's journey is about to be, I do not have an easy one ahead of me either. Some of you will think this is a selfish comment. I'm sorry if you take it that way, its not. Tedd is making a big sacrifice for our country. He is following what we believe God is leading us to do, which isn't always easy. Sometimes I have to admit I feel a little bit in the shadows. I am SO proud of Tedd for doing this. I would support him and follow him with any decision he decides to make. But please also pray for the military spouses.

As I make this transition to this new role I realize: I too am leaving everything I know... my family, my friends, my home, some of my animals, my job, my band, my lifestyle etc. Sometimes it is just as hard being the spouse left behind to deal with all of the "day to day" by yourself. Sometimes I think people forget about that entirely.
As we embark on this adventure I ask for support and prayers. There will be times that I'm sure I will need a shoulder to cry on. When I get Tedd's address, I would like his friends and family to flood him with cards and letters. I want to thank you all for taking the time to read our blog and the events unfold and for keeping us in your prayers.