Friday, March 11, 2011

My Life Lately

Part I
So life has been crazy for the Miller's lately! If you know me personally you probably know that Tedd has joined the army. For many people this was crazy and out of no where. wasn't out of no where, just not everyone knew about it lol. When Tedd and I were dating and engaged, I can remember him talking about how he would love to serve his country by being an active duty army member. I IMMEDIATELY shot him down. I simply stated, "I could never ever handle that. Its just not for me to be an army wife." So that was that. Tedd was understanding and life went on.

Then a few months back Tedd brought it up to me again. This time, I immediately...stopped. I didn't scream NO, or freak out. I stopped and looked at him, and asked him if he was serious. Then we decided to pray. And pray. And pray. And pray. Oh...umm..did I mention that we prayed? LOL If you know me, you know I am a stressor by nature. I am also a Major control freak. I have my idea of how things are going to happen, and when something else happens, I freak.

However, God has a funny way of throwing curve balls in life. From THE moment I started praying about this, I have had the most immense sense of PEACE I could ever imagine. I can't really truly describe this feeling. The more I prayed the more at peace I became. Does this mean it didn't/doesn't scare me to death?...of course not. But, I prayed for Tedd, and I prayed that God would lead us down the correct path, the path that would make our life serve him best.

A few months later, Tedd got laid off from his construction job (normal for the field, he always gets called back quickly). He started making visits to Fort Wayne to the army recruiter. He found a job called 12 W. -Something he really wants to do. He filled out paper work, and more paperwork...and MORE paperwork. Then one evening he went and took the army's written aptitude test which determines which jobs he's eligable for.

Would he pass? Would his score allow him to attain the job he even thought he wanted? I prayed some more. Maybe this would be the end of the "whole army thing" lol. Umm..he came home that evening knowing his score. It was not good. It was EXCELLENT. His score allowed him to have his pick of really any job he could ever want.

We discussed the possibilites, and whether we thought this was the right thing for us. God continued to work. Finally, the day came when Tedd would go to Indianapolis to MEPS (I'll de-code later lol) to have his very in depth physical and to be offered a contract. Once again I thought, well this could be the end. Many people don't pass the physical, and as much as I know about my husband...I've never inspected his feet and spine or how he looks doing "the duck walk" haha.

Anyway, he called and said he passed his phsyical. As the day drug on, I waited for another phone call about the contract. I accomplished nothing that day. When he called, I could tell right away he was dissapointed. His first words to me were, "Its all over. My job is closed until AT LEAST October, if not later." So, he came home. Over the weekend he looked to see if there were any other jobs that interested him. He found a few, so he decided to go back down Monday and see what happened.

Monday half way through the day I got a phone call at work. As he was eating lunch at their office, his recruiter had ran to him and said they had to act fast. Somehow, someone had backed out or gotten hurt or something and there was ONE opening for 12 W. And, he took it....

Stay tuned for Part II

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