Saturday, March 12, 2011

Army Part 2

Ok, so he signed. He was excited and SO proud. In that moment, our lives changed. This was by far, the single biggest decision we've made as a married couple. That was not even a full 7 days ago and things are already crazy lol.

Before I go on, there are a few things I should clear up.
1. 12 W- Construction and Masonary Specialist
2. I've literally been asked, "Why would you EVER let him do this?"- First of all, I love him. I love him SO much. I want to support him, I want him to be proud of himself, and I want him to be happy. I want him to do something he's passionate about. AND, I feel like its what God wants. God's plans don't always mirror out plans.
3. Ok we BY NO MEANS think this is going to be easy. We have never been in this situation so I can't say we can even imagine how hard it will be. We KNOW everything in the army is "written in pencil". We understand that, and are trying to trust and rely on God. I can go on. Tedd leaves for boot camp and then his individual job training to follow at the end of May. I will stay here through all of this. When he completes these two steps, he will have been gone for a little over 4 months. At this point we get our first "orders", and we ship to wherever he is needed for 4 years.

YES, its scary knowing I'll be alone. Yes, its a little nerve-racking not knowing where we'll be living in October. Yes, we worry that we won't be able to sell our house. Yes, we've had multiple people make very rude judgements/statements. Etc. Etc. Etc. But, God is good...ALL the time. Once again, it may not be what we have in mind, but we will get through it.

Over the last week, I've started to become not only supportive, but also excited for our new lives to begin. The next few months will be a crazy whirlwind of emotion, cleaning, purging, and saying goodbyes. But I have faith that God will take us where he wants us. :)


  1. Sounds like a huge adventure!!

    We will be praying
    for you guys!

  2. It is so incredible to read your story of how God has worked in your lives to lead you to this moment! How awesome! I'm so excited for Tedd and I'll be praying for you both.

  3. I'm happy that you guys are following God, how can anyone ask for anything else? We'll keep you guys both in our prayers! Thank you Tedd for serving our country!

  4. It is so neat to see how God is working in your life! I love reading your story and look forward to you sharing the rest with us. We will be praying for both of you as you begin this new adventure.