Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Playing Catch up

So much has happened since I've posted last!

---> My cousin Audra is engaged (YAY) and I'm the Matron of Honor
-My cousin Josh is engaged and Taya asked me to be a bridesmaid!
- The BlueRiver Boys have been VERY busy playing shows...what can I say? Bluegrass is in high demand lol
- We got Brodie the goat a buddy. We named him Norton. When we got him it didn't take long for us to realize he was sick! He had pneumonia, so they had to be seperate for a while. But now that they are together, they think they are in heaven. They are the BEST of friends. We love to watch them run and play together.
-When I was 12 (and i lived at home obviously) I got a kitten named Buddy. When I got married he stayed at mom and dads. He developed a very large tumor on his leg over the past months. I decided that him living with three legs was better than being put to sleep. SO... we amputated his leg, he lived here for a few weeks to recover and now he's back at mom and dad's doing great!
-Amos may have a heart issue :(. We're waiting on the expert to read the x-rays. He's like my child so pray for him!
- I bought Amos his halloween costume!!! Pictures to come :)
- We got a gym membership to a 24 hour facility. We're LOVING it! Its a great way for us to spend time together.
- I finally bought curtains for the living and dining rooms...long overdue. lol
- I got my nose pierced...don't judge. Well i guess you can if you want. I don't mind.
- The garden is finally finished. Now we just have to spread the manure on it.
- Tedd's job is going well, we're thankful that he's still working!
- My job is busy but going well. We'er getting ready to start deer-breeding season which means even longer hours...wooo hoo
- Tedd bought two 3-wheelers. He's VERY excited about them! THey both need a little work. But he's having fun fixing them up too.
- I'm trying to practice the mandolin as well as the fiddle. Did I mention that I plan on being on stage to perform at the Grand Ole Opry by the time I'm 35?

Things are going to come. I really hope this was not the most boring thing you have ever read. OH, and I don't care about all the the grammer mistakes. I'm well aware :)

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  1. It wasn't boring at all! It sounds like you guys are staying very busy, which I guess is better than being bored! I can't wait to see your nose piercing, I personally love them, but feel like I'm a little to old and a little to uncool!!! =)