Monday, May 3, 2010


I think not! Nothing around the MillerMiniFarm could probably qualify as normal. lol Although we're okay with it :).

Have I ever mentioned that one of our "fur children", Amos, is terrified when Tedd cooks? Let me just say the whole world should be scared when he cooks lol. But no..really, he's TERRIFIED when Tedd starts cooking anything in the kitchen. Right now, as we speak there is 50 lbs of ears, nose and fur on my lap shaking. I have to hold him until Tedd finishes. As soon as Tedd is done in the kitchen, Amos jumps down and all is well again. Just another one of those crazy quirks I guess lol. He's not afraid of thunderstorms but when Tedd plugs in the George Foreman...look out!

Here's a picture of it a few weeks ago. Oh and sorry about the crazy messiness...tis real life lol