Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Miller Mini Farm Report

Ok so once again I have proven to be THE worst blogger in the state of Indiana. I'm sure if that was a real award I would currently be wearing the sash haha.

We have been VERY busy with work, yard mowing, flower planting, walks, hikes etc. I cleaned my car out also. I pulled my rubber mats out of my car and put them in a nice neat pile by the fence. Naturally I forgot about them and this is what I saw out the window a few hours later. :)

Tedd has been helping my dad put siding on their old farm barn. This picture is kind of goofy ...but its going to look great!

We also have multiple ducks setting on nests. (last year we had 2 ducks set on eggs...and now we have 13 ducks) This year we have at least 5 females sitting on eggs. Anyone who can perform simple multiplication knows that this year we will be going from OUT OF CONTROL! haha. We plan to sell/give away MOST if not all of the baby ducklings this year. But hatching out baby ducklings is SO much fun :)

The baby chicks are rapidly growing. They just moved to a bigger enclosure a few days ago because they we flying out of their old one!

And last big piece of news... We welcomed the newest member of the Farm Family this week.

He is a super cute young male goat. He was shy at first but is really coming out of his shell and is getting very attatched to me quickly! He was a "bottle baby" at his previous home so he is very tame. When I walked out a few minutes ago to spend some time with him, this is what I saw in the window....

Ok isn't that THE cutest little goat face you've ever seen? I love him so much already!