Saturday, March 20, 2010

A taste of the WILD SIDE...

We at the Miller Mini Farm are all about pushing the boundries. We believe that rules are made for breaking! Well..that may be a BIT of an exhaggeration. However I thought you might enjoy seeing a few pictures of our little rule breakers. Remember all of those rules your mother taught you when you were young?

1. NEVER EVER keep furry animals in the house. (And IF you do, definately do not give them their own bedroom, furnished with twin bed and kitty condo!) Looks like they haven't cleaned in a while! :)

2. No staring...its not polite.

3. No feet/toes/paws on the table! (don't worry we are equipped with plenty of antibacterial spray)

4. Laziness will not be tolerated.

5. And last lesson for the day, NEVER dig in the flower beds.

Haha...too bad I'm a COMPLETE sucker for cute furry little faces and I enforce virtually NO rules. Oh well I love them anyway :)

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