Sunday, March 14, 2010

Apparently I'm Crazy...

I decided to be honest and truthful. I am. certifiably. crazy. lol. I just realized recently that maybe the reason for my nutso behavior is because I have taken on 28, yes TWENTY EIGHT other furry live things to care for. They each depend on me for EVERYTHING. To feed them, water them, clean up after them, provide them with housing, entertainment, health care etc. But I LOVE THEM. I'm an animal lover, what can I say? Oh btw did I mention that one of those 28 furry live things walks on two legs and is named Tedd? LOL ok so I thought it was funny haha.

Anyway, yesterday Hubby and I were out on the town. When I say out on the town I happen to mean we were getting my oil changed, shopping at Aldi, and getting Chicken food :). AND you know how it goes. Or maybe you don't? I gave Hubby the sad puppy eyes, then the smile, and lastly the "PUHLEEAAASE"

And.... I came home with six of these beautiful little ladies. I happen to have a soft...almost downright mushy spot in my heart for chickens and duckies. But these girls are downright gorgeous! Look at those colors and looong legs. I can't wait to see how they will look as adults. OH and the best part is they will lay easter egg colored eggs. Fun Huh?

I figure, even if as I type this my cat is trying to ingest part of my flower arrangement and the dog is outside getting his mud bath on...I need more chaos lol. I love my life :) See? Look how happy I am as Tedd caught me off guard with a random candid shot lol?

Current Miller Mini Farm Census Report:
Cats: 2 (also renting a room to mom and dads cat post surgery for probably another week)
Rabbit: 1
Call Ducks: 13
Chickens: 15

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