Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby!

On a cold November day 4.5 years ago I decided to go to the rodeo with my friend Bralen. I was a freshman in college and was home on the weekend. We were having a great time. While I was there, this guy came up to me and started hitting on me. I can still remember looking at my friend after he walked away and saying, "ugh...who was THAT? Who does he think he is?"

HAHA Well little did I know I would soon know he would be my future husband. Six months later we were engaged. And now he's my husband of 2 years and I LOVE him.

I thank the Lord every single day for bringing us together. I have thought so many times about how God makes everything happen just "so". We were both raised in Christian homes, we we're both single, we were both in the right "spot" in our lives to meet each other. I can honstly say if we had met even one year earlier we probably would have never talked. But God knew what he was doing :)

Tedd you are the most wonderful gift God has given me on this earth. As a young girl we all dream of marrying our prince charming. I am definately one of the lucky girls who got her wish. You are loving, caring, supportive, hardworking, funny...HILARIOUS. You put up with so much from me. You let me be ME. You are a wonderful God Fearing Husband.

We got married young. Some people criticized and judged. Although we've had our ups and downs like anyone else, I have LOVED growing up with you and am looking foward to continuing to learn about this thing called life :). God has so much in store for us. He has richly blessed us with a home, jobs, wonderful families and support systems. Oh and animals...thank you for not thinking i'm a "crazy lady" for loving my animals. Thank you for loving me through my body image struggles. You are ALWAYS there for me.

I love you when we wake up in the morning, I love you when we laugh together, when we cry together, when we talk on the phone, when you hold my hand, and when you wrap your arms around me.

I love you more every moment of every day. I thank God for giving you another birthday and another year. You are so special to me. I love you Forever and Always! Have a WONDERFUL 24th BIRTHDAY Sweetie!


Jess the Wifey :)


  1. Happy Birthday Tedd! Hope you have a great day!
    That was well said Jess, very sweet!

  2. Happy Birthday, Tedd! Have a great day! (That was a beautiful post, Jess).

  3. ahhhh! Happy B-day Tedd! So cute to read your thoughts! Isn't being married to your best friend the BEST!!!