Sunday, February 14, 2010

Electric Bill

This week I went through every receipt and payment we had during the month of January. I do this every month. Every month when I go through the expenses, it never fails to "Shock and Amaze" lol.

There are definately places in our budget we have improved. We have DRASTICALLY cut our "eating out". I would say we have cut that expense by 70-80%.

Our electric bill on the other hand (maybe I shouldn't be telling you all this...oh well) was $190. Thats right folks. I know i can't be the only one who just felt like vomiting?

I KNOW that one of our biggest "electricity suckers" is our dryer. Tedd has a very dirty, outside job. So do I. Besides our normal laundry, we have coveralls, carhartt coats, sweatshirts, thermal socks, gloves, etc. I probably do no less than 10-11 loads of laundry a week...for TWO people.
Which means...our dryer runs probably no less than 10-15 HOURS a week. Wow!

So I have decided to challenge myself to use the dryer less. WAY less. I bought a cheap drying rack at the store in case its raining and I need to do a load of wash. But other than that, when its not raining or snowing I'm going to hang them outside. Even when its cold. I'm very interested to see what it does for our electric bill.

Hopefully we will be able to slash that cost. Anyone else "freeze dry" their clothes outside?

OH and check out this super cute new clothes pin bag my momma made me. It has little animal bowls and bones etc on it. I love it, Thanks Mom!


  1. Jess,
    R electric bill also went through the roof! AEP raised their prices, we went from 150.00 to 250.00 in one month and have not done anything different. I dry most of steve's and mine in a rack inside but do dry the kids and towels! I dont have a clothes line outside anymore but a new one to come for spring!!! Cannot Wait!!!

  2. I use a drying rack inside. I've put my diapers outside and they don't really dry. They freeze, I bring them back in and they are still damp. So I try to just use the drying rack, I just need about 2-3 more! Then maybe I wouldn't be so behind on my laundry!