Thursday, January 14, 2010

10? Things you probably don't know about me!!!

Ok Ladies and Gents,

My goal is to write a post for at least the next ten days. I am not promising anything lengthy. I always enjoy learning things about people. I thought I would post something about myself every day for those ten days that is less "known".

Here goes Day 1:

First I must state that I KNOW that there are very few real "lady bugs". I realize they are really "asian beetles" or imposters. For the purpose of this post I will still refer to them as lady bugs :) Deal with it lol

I really hate bugs. But I LOATHE lady bugs. No. Seriously. You cannot fathom how much Lady Bugs make me batty. They are terrible. They are everywhere. They bite (yes they do I promise). They stink when my Dyson vacuum sucks them into the depths of ahem*..anyway.

OH and they swarm you and land on you in the most creepiest crawliest fashion. If a lady bug is flying around me you might as well get out the xanax because there is about to be a full on anxiety attack.

I realize that this is completely irrationale. But it does not change the facts that I hate them :)

You probably didn't know that did you? :)


  1. OH, Jess . . . I hate bugs, too! Although lady bugs are one of the few that do not bother me. Strange enough, though, I really hate Millers (you know those little moth things . . . not Tedd and Jess). They cause me to go into hysterics, so I completely understand!!!

  2. I find this very funny as you are a vet tech. and I suppossed love all animals. Keep it coming I love reading about you.

  3. Well ladies. I do love all ANIMALS. As i like to say, "I don't like anything with more than 4 legs :) " haha