Monday, August 31, 2009

Great Lecture

This week Tedd and I are in Kansas City, Missouri on "business". I have to have continuing education for my job as an R.V.T. and to do that I decided to attend the CVC conference this year. Anyway, I finished the third and final day of seminars today and I learned A LOT of new information. I know that no one who blogs (that I know of at least lol) is not nearly as interested in animals as I am, but I wanted to write a little blog blurb about a specific 2-hour lecture that I found sad but facinating.
The lecture was given by Dr. Lila Miller who works for the ASPCA. Her entire lecture was on "When the Bond Breaks: Relinquishment, Hoarding and Abuse"
I think you'll be astonished at some of these facts...
She started the lecture by telling a few facts about the Opposite end of the spectrum...the good things.
She said that 63% of U.S. households own a pet. The estimated amount of money that was spent on pet food, toys, and veterinary care in 2006 was 38.5 BILLION dollars. And that was in 2006! Crazy huh?

She also shared some scary facts with us:
1.Most pets who are relinquished (given up), euthanized for no "good" reason, or are abused or neglected is because HUMANS have inaccurate and inappropriate expectations of their pet's medical and behavioral needs, and their role and responsibility in providing for these needs.
2. Animals who have been neutuered or have been to the vet for medical care are less likely to be relinquished. Its proven that the majority of relinquished pets, or pets that have been not taken care of come from homes with less education, less income, apartment dwellers, parents and people who have had the animal for less than a year.
3. People abuse animals to control family members, to instill fear in other people or animals, to shock people or gain attention, for revenge, or to displace hostility.
4. Many people believe that animal abuse is something that children do and will "grow out of". But in a study done over 10 years, 62% of children who abused animals still did TEN years later...eeek
5. A large percentage of people who commit violent crimes against animals also commit violent crimes agains HUMANS

I could go on and on...but its scary! lol I know this is a soapbox of mine but I encourage you all to think of things carefully. First of all God put every single animal on this earth. I truly believe that we should respect his creation. You don't have to have animals or spoil them. In fact MOST of us in the veterinary field would rather people NOT get animals who are not willing to take care of their basic needs. But if someone does get them, they should take care of them. It IS an expense to take care of them properly. This is a cost that should be researched BEFORE getting them. They are not stuffed animals or play things. They are living, breathing creatures who have needs and who feel pain.

What are these people teaching their children? That its ok to get an animal but then when you "can't" take care of it anymore you can just relinquish it or euthanize it? Don't get me wrong I think that humane euthanasia has its place. But I also believe that in the very least, if you decide that you are going to give up responsibility (because thats what it is) for a living thing, you should at least have the decency to drop it off at an animal shelter to give it a chance...or find it a good loving home.

This is all competely unbelievable to me that these people are not only doing this to these animals but then also raising their families to think that its okay.

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