Thursday, July 30, 2009 time flies!

Ok so I'll be the first to admit, I REALLY stink at this blogging thing! haha.
Anyway its been a little over a month and SO much has happened. Where do I begin? How about I'll hit some highlights...Some are sad, some are happy and some are funny!

-Uncle Jerry is recovering at HOME and is doing well, trying to regain strength
- AEP came and told us they we're cutting down all of our trees in our front yard...VERY sad :(
-We went to another swap meet (and took my parents along!) but we got rained out before I was able to buy any more Tedd's delight :)..we had fun anyway
- We have a fox in our barn...we're trying to figure out how to catch him...we now know the REAL meaning of "fox in the henhouse"
-We're still training Amos in Agility and he's becoming more and more amazing every week
-The carpenter strike is OVER :) YAAAAAAAay! But now Tedd is laid off :(
- I got sick for about a week with the stomach flu...then Tedd got it this week, but we both feel great now
- The Blue River Boys played FOUR shows in one weekend at the River City Campground in South Whitley, it went really well
- The GIANT Gaerte Family Christmas in July took place, and I'd say it was a success, we had lots of fun
- One of our chickens got a fish hook stuck in the roof of her mouth...she's okay now we think
- Tuesday morning we had a new niece born!! Maggie Ann Keefer...everyones doing well and she's beautiful

Those are the BRIEF highlights that really stand out in my mind...i'm going to try to do better at updating. I know i've forgotten a lot but oh well haha. Make sure you check out all of the links in this post!

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